The Onside Kick & You

Anybody have any feelings on any potential changes you would offer to the onside kick?

Are you a total purist that wants to hold onto the rule?

Currently, the best idea I’ve seen so far is the 4th & 15 at your own 35:

Only has to go 8 yards instead of 10.

Or, a football embedded with spikes and thorns.

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I wish we would just get it over with and change the NFL over to soccer…

Maybe flip a coin in lieu of the onside kick…no one should get injured…just sayin.

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Why play at all? Let girls play. Put them all in dresses. Freakin’ jerks.
It’s football not a square dance.


So Yooper, you’re in favor of keeping it the way it is?

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The less we kick the ball, the more ridiculous the name “football” becomes.

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I mean, 4th & 15 sounds more exciting IMO.

I’m open to anything that makes it a meaningful play again. If player safety means the old way is out, then something like what Denver is proposing is worth looking in to.

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I’ve got it! Replace the onside kick with a 4th down Hail Mary from midfield. It’s fair because every team understands how to defend against one and-

Shit. Never mind.


I like the 4th and 15 the only real problem is…pass interference or defensive holding. The onus of an onside kick is really on the kicking team. you change that to a 4th and 15 and it really flips to the receiving team having all the pressure, IMO.

Owners didn’t approve any change to the kickoff rule.

OK? …and?

Oh I sorry I thought this was a thread on proposed changes to the kickoff rules.

My bad, your grace.

I was just trying to understand your point, dude.

Since the point was to get everyone’s ideas on it, I did not understand the context of your comment, but whatever.

Sorry I sullied your thread with an actual fact, so yeah.

Dude, chill out. I was never upset man, I was literally just asking for more context. Jesus.

Girls, girls… Let’s calm down…

So would be a sumo style contest at the center of the field, winner gets the ball.

I don’t want the odds to get better for the team that lost the game to pull it out of their a$$. This gives unfair advantage to pass happy teams.


I don’t understand why they don’t let guys get a running start for the onside. Make it a rule that the ball has to bounce within 10 yards or it’s a penalty if the kicking team gets a running start.

The 4th and 15 idea is interesting but there’s too much crap that can happen in that situation, namely penalties. Like a defensive holding automatically gives you the ball back? And they only get to do the 4th and 15 once per game and if you’re behind. It’s a good start to something different but I don’t think they’ve thought it all of the way through.

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