The Packers did Mathews Dirty

Surprising to me when franchises represent themselves this way. Treatment of players that did so much for so long get this sort of treatment.

Ain’t personal. It’s just business.

That’s what the players say when they walk on a franchise for more money.


It is hard to have realization that you are no longer physically as good as you used to be, so the easiest thing to do is to blame.

But I do admire him for wanting to stay in a shit town like Green Bay.


He was willing to take a pay cut.

I just don’t feel sorry for players that franchises cut because the players have no qualms about walking on a franchise or fan base when it suits them to make more $ or go to a glamour city

It works both ways.

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Yup. I agree. But the WAY they did it. Giving his # away

Definitely goes both ways. Some players are great, and some organizations are great. Some players are shitty, and some organizations are shitty.