The RB Position in 2019

What would you like to do heading into next year?

Do you cut/try trading Riddick?

Do you want to re-sign Blount?

Personally, I’m torn on that one – but I’d love to draft a mid-round guy to help supplement the group – either a guy to replace Riddick, or an absolute pounder to replace Blount. I wouldn’t try replacing them both in one off-season, but that’s just me.

So, give me your thoughts!

New RB2. Pretty adamant about that one.
Competition brought in for RB3 and RB4 positions. If they take those spots away from Riddick and Zenner, we’re better for it.

I guess the bottom line is that I’m replacing Blount.

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Hell no.
We can find an UDFA that can do the same thing.

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So you’re both replacing Blount.

Give me an answer on Theo.

I promote Zenner to #2, FA to get #3 and #4 (also possible UDFA).

I ditch Riddick and Blount. Riddick for price. Blount because he’s not as good as Zenner.

In 2020, I might spend a top 3 round pick on RB because that’s the year we will be strong enough to compete.

I fear 2019 is another rebuild year. I’m not wasting any draft pick on RB#2.

Let’s have our FB (Bawden) get healthy and see how he can help us out before we move on.

RB #1 KJ
RB #2 ZZ
RB #3 Rookie
FB # 4
If rookie proves his worth he becomes number 2. Theo and Blount are both goners and Theo has no trade value IMO.


I can’t really answer that until I know who the OC is. If it’s a New England type RB numbers factory, I say keep him.
Blount is expendable in any system.

I read just today how poorly Riddick played, but u cant dump him after 1 yr of no results after 3 of good results. I’d rather not try to be getting ahead of the curve on this one.


Dairy Sanders gets his role and we grab a guy like Corey Clement / Joe Washington/ Darren Sproles etx to get 5 carries and 3 targets to keep the defense stretched to the edges.

I am gonna say Dairy Sanders whenever I possibly can…it’ll be on a heavier rotation than Phil Collins on MTV circa 1988


If I were re-tooling this backfield, I would cut Blount and Riddick. We have Kerryon Johnson so I would try to pick up Mark Ingram and draft a guy who can catch. We get our FB back from injury, too. Zenner is an end of the bench guy who can be replaced with just about anyone. I like Zenner but he doesn’t make many rosters. Drafting a young guy you can use on special teams is great value, too.

Let Blount walk
Cut Theo to save $3.5mil in cap space.
Re-sign Zenner as RB4
Draft somebody in the 3rd or 4th round.

I haven’t looked at the RB prospects much except for Justice Hill. Love to land him in the 3rd if he’s there. He would be great to replace Riddick. Or we could go with a bigger back to share the load like Snell or Josh Jacobs but we might have to spend a 2nd on them. I’d rather go for a CB in round 2 like Julian Love if we don’t go DB in the 1st.

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I think the Lions should let Blount go and try to sign a younger FA powerback or draft one if a good value becomes available. I still roll with Riddick and Zenner as my RB3 and RB4, but they gotta do better than Blount for an RB2. They could cut Riddick and save some cap room, but I think they have other priorities to deal with on offense, namely RG, TE, and a slot receiver. IMHO they should limit KeJo’s snaps to keep him as healthy as possible all year long, and I’d stick with the RBBC approach.

Riddick is RB3. That’s a typical scat back.
RB1 = Every down starter (KJ)
RB2 = Heavier, short-yardage guy
RB3 = Backup to RB1 / Scat back
RB4 = Backup to RB2
FB or RB5 = Fullback

We have the drafted Fullback as well as the LB-turned-FB battling for a single spot in 2019.
RB1 is locked up by KJ.
RB2 is empty. It was Blount’s but he played his way out of that spot.
RB3 is Theo’s. Bring in competition since he’s lost a bit of his magic.
RB4 is ZZ’s. Again, bring in competition since we’re talking late-round or UDFA.

ZZ is a better player than Blount at this point in their careers. ZZ at RB4 is a good fit. ZZ at RB2 would be a ceiling too low for me in that group. Theo at RB3 is ok, but he needs that 100% catch rate that he had a couple years ago before his surgeries. Where he was once a trusted outlet with a good rapport with the QB, they’ve ended up not on the same page too often. Wherever the problem is coming from there, it needs to be resolved.

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Yeah, cause who needs a guy that gets 4.9 yards per carry.
I will never understand the disrespect!

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I think that Theo will be just fine in his role as the 3rd down back IF the lions get Marvin back and the guy stays healthy and so does Golladay, AND they get a good slot guy AND they get a good pass catching TE AND they get a good RG so Stafford has the time and space to find somebody and throw it. You gotta have other good options besides just Golladay and Theo.

Might be helpful if the Lions also hire an OC that makes it really hard for opposing defenses to to know what’s coming, much less stop it.

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3rd down back? Really?
I don’t know what games your watching, but, they set up to force him to run, then stuff him 90% of the time.

He would make a lot of rosters as a swiss multi tool since he can block, catch, run, and play ST.
Plus, he would probably have a better YPC avg behind a better line and less predictable offense.

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I think we need another number 1 RB. I don’t trust KJ to get through a full season.

I’d prefer a Harris, Henderson, Love, Jacobs level player but if we don’t have the draft capital to go RB on day 2, I’d be okay with Mike Weber and Myles Gaskin. Rodney Anderson is a stud but he seems to always be injured. Though not as much top tier talent as last year t’s actually a pretty deep RB draft.

I’m thinking Theo, and maybe a 6th or 7th rd pick, might be a good swap for a current back up TE down in Tampa Bay.

Blount walks…I like spending a little money right here and look real hard at M Ingram for the RB2.

RB3 Draft pick/FA

ZZ at RB4

I do agree that we ought to pick up a RB before the last two rounds. The more playmakers the better, we are already sorely lacking.