The Rookies Have Reported

So, the rookies have reported… have any of them made the hall of fame yet?

On a serious note, who are you most looking forward to see in training camp/preseason out of the rookies!?

B. Martin

I know Gibbs, LaPorta, and Campbell will be contributors from day one, first two significant. I want to see what Martin has and how soon he can contribute.


Good call. See what the big fella can do vs Ragnow and the fellas on the O-line. I’d imagine he’s going to have a pretty big learning curve based on the low level of competition he faced in college.

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Well, he is going to have good teachers on that OL. It’s a position of need and faster he can contribute better the team will be.

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Although not a rookie, Alim is the guy I’m most excited to see this preseason now that he’s in great shape.


None of our rookies are going to the hall of fame. According to all the draft pundits they’re going to fail spectacularly because of where they were drafted.


Even if they become hall of fame players, who cares? The GM didn’t get good value for their draft position.


Great points guys! Should we fire Holmes now or midseason!?

Could wait for trade deadline….
because if he gives up a 5th round pick for a starting caliber player to fill a hole created by injury….

he NEEDS to go!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Gibbs , Jack Campbell , and LaPorta.

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It has to happen now before he gets us to raise our expectations too high.

Wow, we have officially survived the offseason.

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Everyone forgets about Branch

We have 4 in draft could be super studs an very least solid starters.

Martin if he turns out half of what i have read we will be set at NT for years. I would also point out the OT that will likely be future ROG also could shock many fans,Sorsdal


Funny but I think Branch has HOF potential.
Out of all these players he is the one that I am most interested to see on the field.
Yes of course Gibbs for sure. And Campbell is going to be under a microscope early by this board. I am not a lover of TEs (mostly because TJ under performed IMO).
I can not wait for that first pre-season game. Man has it been a LOOOOOONG off season.

I also just realized the Lions took 2 off Iowa and 2 off Bama. That is insane. I apologize as I am sure this has been discussed at length on here. But that is crazy.


Of the 90 man roster, 6 dudes from Bama, 6 dudes from Notre Dame.

No, but Gibby was seen jogging to the practice facility on I 75 passing cars in a 70 mph zone

The draft picks, of course, but, Mo and Starling could turn out to be really nice pieces. Can’t wait to see them in action.

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Just TJ???

Pettigrew and Ebron paved the way for disappointment on 1st round TEs.

I don’t like taking TEs early… but I do like LaPorta as a prospect better than all 3 of the guys previously taken in the 1st round.


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