The silver lining

If, and I know it’s a big if with this team. We can get this thing right in the next couple years. We’ll have the money and picks. GB looks like their window is closing, Chicago is garbage. Minny is solid, but not great. We have a window without Rodgers


I was just going to post this. But we have to hit on QB.


Yeah, I guess I’ll need to look more into Bryce Young. I’ve never thought highly of him, but I’ll have to watch a bit more closely.

I’d move Goff for whatever I can if someone comes calling

GB looks like a pretender. The Bears missed on yet another QB. The Vikings are your classic 7-9 win wildcard contender who gets bounced in the first round of the playoffs if they are lucky. None of those 3 teams has a long term answer at QB.


Imo Bryce wont hold up in the NFL unless he can add 25+ lbs to his frame. I LOVE his game, but physically he’s really slight for an NFL QB


Yeah, I really wanted Malik when he fell this year. Felt like that would have been a good project this year.

I don’t know who’s coming out that could be a franchise guy

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We need to re-frame this whole loss. This game was about ensuring we get our starting QB next year. And in that regard, the game plan was successful. As will many more games this season be a success.

So like an Alex Smith injury? Isn’t that more so just fluky. I’m trying to think of the last chronically injured star QB. The NFL goes out of their way to protect these guys.


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I’m a hard head. I still see 7 wins in these last 11 games, so I’m not checked out on the season. Let’s make Miami the 1st one in that 7.


Dude what ever drugs you are taking I want some!!! lol


'Member this @stephenboyd57? My secret drug was just a level-headed read.

  1. The teams that beat them (not counting Carolina) have a WL record of 72-37.
  2. The teams, the Lions beat have a WL record of 48-59 (not counting Vikes).

We are a mid-level team with a great offense and a bad defense, so we beat average teams and lose to good ones. First half, our schedule was just tougher than prognosticators thought it would be.

We’re right on schedule to miss playoffs by a hair this year, then sign a couple FA difference-makers to our defense, draft well again and be a legit playoff team for as long as we can keep Ben Johnson.

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I always want to be wrong brother… quoting me from last October is like quoting forest gump… hopefully you get to do it a bunch more.

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