The Spirit of Enrico Pallazzo lives on

That was an FU for showing up the ump on the previous call, which looked correct. Props for the Leslie Nielsen reference.


Of course it was. But I clicked on the link thinking “how bad could the call really be?”

Then I watch it. “Oh. I see.”

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Though I’ve seen an MLB ump call a pitch out a strike so :man_shrugging:

naked gun comedy GIF

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2 horrible calls, the league has suspended the umpire and he is not allowed to call games in their conference again.

At least enrico was trying to save the queen. What’s this guys excuse? Lol

That’s one of the most egregious calls I’ve ever seen. If you can’t uphold the integrity of the game you shouldn’t be an umpire at any level.

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“Just, a taaad outside.”

The first call was fine. It broke sharply down over the middle of the plate. Probably crossed the plate at the top of his knees. That was a major league sinker. Wicked pitch.