The Steelers are the chosen ones for the 2020 season

Every once in a while you can see a pattern of how games are officiated that lead to a suspicion that a particular team has been chosen by the NFL brass to be good that year, for whatever reason. The league has favored and unfavored franchises in general, but occasionally a particular year stands out. In 2020 it appears that the Steelers are the chosen ones.

I just wanted to get that off of my chest.

I had the same conclusion after watching a decent chunk of that game.

Extremely week holding call on a Lamar Jackson touchdown run was the clincher, but there was a clear bias towards the Steelers.

Those sort of calls (or non calls on the Steelers) has been a theme for the other games as well.

It does feel that way sometimes doesn’t it.

I think we can all agree at the very least that bias does exists.

Nfl is a crap league. Refs play a huge part in a ton game’s. Yes, refs are human, but man they need to be better.

@wesleysh21 Completely believe in what you’re saying here, brother.
As much as I don’t like the poor play of our team, it is the biased officiating that will drive me away from it, if anything does. It’s real bad.

This one is pretty blatant and targeted so far this season. I’m not talking about a general bias or a general favoring of a team. It seems pretty clear that the Steelers will be doing some big things this season and the refs are going to make damn sure of it.

When they need a call, they get it. When they need the refs to look the other way, the refs look the other way.

I have never been more pissed about a non lion game ever. Some bad calls

Ebron playing meaningful football while we rot on the vine is a kick in the gut, too.

Yeah the refs bailed them out again this week.

LMAO. It’s nice watching a football game and not worrying about the team screwing up or the refs screwing them out of a win. :sunglasses:

brutal truth, that none of us truly want to accept.

I don’t think the Steelers are going to stand a chance against the Chiefs and probably Baltimore (without all the turnovers). Those two teams seem like the best teams in the NFL this season.

Steelers caused those turnovers…just saying.

They were some pretty awful throws by Jackson. Probably not going to happen against Mahomes.
The Steelers just don’t have the offense to hang with those two teams.

Yes, they do have the offense to hang with those two teams. They just beat one of those two teams. Ravens/Steeler games are always close and always tough to win no matter what the teams are doing to the rest of the league. The steelers also more importantly have the defense to handle both teams.

FYI Lamar can not throw…still doesn’t change the fact that the Steelers won and there is no reason to believe they won’t do it again on Thanksgiving.

I think the Steelers can beat KC but only if they create some turnovers and officiating breaks to do it.

KC has put up 30 plus points games against some really good defenses. So I think they can score 30 on PiT.

Question is can Pit score enough to win? … I think they can but if I had to bet on a winner my money would go on to KC.

I’m not counting Mia out of the AFC race either. If Tua starts to play lights out like he’s capable of and that team starts believing… I think they could surprise a lot of people with a magical season. A lot of ifs there but I think they have a talented roster.

The Cheaters…I mean Steelers have the 5th highest scoring offense in the league.

But they’ve also played the following teams

NYG, DEN, HOU, PHI, DAL and even CLE who aren’t really power houses either.

In comparison KC beat Bal 34 to 20. While PIT barely won 28 to 24.

Vs Den KC won 43 to 16. While PIT barely won 21-26.

KC has been winning games convincingly while PIT has been skating by several opponents.

I’m not saying PIT can’t win but on paper and vs the same opponents, KC has been the better team.