The Turn Overs have got to stop

3 against the raiders, 4 against the Bearss, and 3 again today. A pick Six and a scoop and score. Inexcusable.

Winning teams don’t do this. It’s a miracle we went 2-1 in those games. Alot of stuff has got to be cleaned up.


Super lucky to be 8 and 3

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And the defense isn’t forcing any.

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The defense doesn’t get sacks or turnovers. Hell don’t even seem to get alot of pressures either.

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One thing we’re good at is pressure. Pressure capital of the world.

I didn’t see the game today. According to the stat line I am seeing Goff didn’t throw any picks today. Where did the turnovers come from?

3 Goff fumbles. But one of them was off his fingertips as his arm was going forward. Pretty close to being an incomplete forward pass, but they called it a fumble.

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Of all the things to freak out about the turnovers are #1 and it’s not close.

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Yeah the win percentage suffering a 0-3 TO margin has to be like 2%

It’s close to 4% but everything is Aaron Glenn’s fault


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