The Vikings are winning this division

No analysis. Just predetermined facts. They will be 3-4 in an hour and have a better team. Call me names, but let’s revisit this in late December.
QB- even
WR- vikes by a mile
RB- slight edge lions
TE- Vikings
OL- slight edge lions (even though they’re not nearly as good as advertised)

DE- Vikings
DT- Vikings
LB- Vikings
S- both not great
CB- lions when healthy


No, they won’t.

And I’m not even sure they’ll win this game yet.


I started to respond and decided to just laugh and chalk it up as you being drunk bc some of your points are straight up crazy talk.


Brother it could happen. I hope all is good

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I am also not sure they win this game.

To be emphatic I did not see that a TD was score the literal second I hit submit. Now it seems loser-Ish. But I am going to leave it anyway because it was genuine.

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SF is useless without T Williams. They’ll win. They’ll be 2 games back heading for an easy win in Lambeau next week…4-4

Then their next 5 are ATL (W), NO (W), DEN (W), CHI (W), LV (W)

They’ll be 9-5 heading into 2 of 3 vs DET.
Not sure I see the Lions going 4-3 (9-5) in next 7. Too banged up. No pass rush, awful CB play.

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Wait til St Brown gets IR’d because he’s the only viable NFL WR on the team and he gets 17 targets per game

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Are you even a Lions fan or are you just a fan of losing?


Thank you, bro. I needed the laugh after yesterday


LaPorta is better now than Hock

And it is not even close

So the fact that you gave Minny the edge here kind of validates all of your opinions are bunk


Hockenson is a big slow WR. LaPorta is actually a TE. So really only one of the teams is playing a TE.


Jesus. People. Yes, we are injured. But we are going into a bye right after a cupcake Raiders game. This defense that is apparently trash NOW was top 10 before the ravens game and generated what??? 25 sacks in the 4 game win streak. Say it with me…THE LIONS STRUGGLE AGAINST MOBILE QBS AND LAMAR JACKSON IS A FORMER MVP PLAYING AT HOME. SHIT HAPPENS. RELAX.

But to sit here and say the rb’s are only marginally better? Slap yo self. Mattison is trash, straight trash…but hey, he is better then gibbs and DMO.


im good my man…the OP’S TAKE IS BAD THOUGH.


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Vikings have the worst backfield in the league and it might not even be close. Mattison and Akers both are disgusting…

If anyone in the division wins 8 games aside from Detroit I would be very surprised.


How do you block people again?

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What should the SF’rz do if they lose to the Vikings tonight?

  • blow it up & go full rebuild?
  • fire the everyone?
  • Trade cousins?
  • Promote Kwesi?
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