The Wandering 29th Pick

During the past five years, it may surprise you to know that the 29th pick in the NFL draft has been moved six times. Yes, six times. Here’s a short review.

2019 the Seattle Seahawks trade LB Frank Clark to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for the 29th pick, used to select LJ Collier. While the surface merits are debatable, the move proved to have a huge domino effect on Seattle that had an incredible effect on the franchise.

In 2020, the Titans stood pat with the pick and selected troubled OT Isaiah Wilson from Georgia. Wilson lasted less than a year and a half in the NFL and never showed football to be a passion or priority in his life.

2021 saw the Packers hold the selection and use it on the oft injured Eric Stokes, also of the Georgia Bulldogs. Stokes finished his second consecutive season on IR and has been remarkably disappointing. Bonus coverage - The Packers also had the 29th pick in 2017, which they traded back to pick 33.

Kansas City held 29, again, in 2022. They ponied up a 3rd and 4th round pick to move up eight spots in a trade with the Patriots for pick 21. The Patriots used the selection to take University of Tennessee Chattanooga Guard Cole Strange, who has been a starter the last two years. The trade worked out well for both teams, as both Strange and Kansas City Chiefs selection CB Trent McDuffie have taken off in their second year.

Last year saw the 29th pick change hands a wild four times, ultimately culminating in the New Orleans Saints using it to take Clemson’s Bryan Bresee. Originally the 49ers selection it came to New Orleans via Miami and Denver in its journey.

What will happen with pick 29 this year? :thinking: It’s anyone’s guess, but the last five years have run the kaleidoscope of available possibilities, with the exception of standing pat and making a high impact choice.

Thank you for reading, and remember that my original content can only be found on The Den, home to the greatest Lions fans to be found anywhere. Let me end with two questions. What would you do with the pick? What do you think Holmes will do with the pick? :thinking:


I definitely think Holmes will trade up for a guy that he really wants. Probably a Corner or Defensive Lineman.

With us only being a few good players away I think it’s the right thing to do. Quality over quantity.

Love your post TC


Well I’m really not sure what Brad will do, me I would keep 29 and take the top player on my board. Wouldn’t mind trade back but I think you want to stay in the 1st Rd for the 5th year option. Now trading up I can see that too. Brad does target certain players he likes.

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I wish we would trade down. In real life? We are definitely trading up.

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I think a slight trade down and grab a WR with the extra pick. But I don’t’ know chit…

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It’s pretty obvious that Brad is going to trade up to the #12 pick.


Well, the Packers did trade down in 2017 with the pick and received 33 and 108 from the Browns. Those picks turned into TE David Njoku for the Browns and CB Kevin King and LB Vince Biegel for the Packers.

We trading up to #11 in another Jamo type of deal :smiley:

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Probably depends on what happens between now and then.

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Moving up to 11th or 12th would require, from this draft, the Lions top three selections to get in the conversation. I can see where Minnesota and Denver, respectively, could benefit from this and is definitely within the realm of realistic possibility. My question to @goldenlions and @DetroitvsEverybody is who might you specifically be considering that would be worth the move up the board?

Target a IDL, Edge or corner and monitor where the drop off occurs. If only one of my impact players is there at 29, take him. If there are two or more, trade back. If there is only one left and it’s at pick 20 or after, go trade up to get him. If that’s too rich, stay pat and trade back, but no lower than pick 35 or so.

Steal Kweezi’s lunch again.

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Its Kwesi so it might only take 29 along with our 2nd and our late 3rd for their first and 4th(using the Jamo trade method)

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Ok, so hypothetically, you’ve stolen Kwesi’s lunch, again (shout out to @JerseyJungle :laughing:) you are sitting at 11, who are you taking to make Vikings fans cry?

I expect that Holmes will sign a free agent cornerback, yet cornerback will still be a high priority.

If 29 comes and he has a clear best player available, that will be the pick.

If there is a cluster which does not include a cornerback, he will gladly trade back a few spots to net a fourth or possibly third round pick to dip into the deep pool of cornerbacks.

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Whatever needs to be done to get Brad’s favorite CB.

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Probably Nate Wiggins but I wouldn’t be opposed if we just said ■■■■ it and chose Rome odunze either

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Interesting choice. Wiggins has a lot to like, and would be the very first player that Holmes has selected who has opted out of their bowl game. Similar to Christian Gonzalez who they passed on twice last year. He brings a lot to the table in pure coverage though.

Odunze added to the skill players would probably give defensive coordinators around the league the cold sweats every night. :laughing:

With 28 selections to be beforehand, I simply can’t comprehend who we will end up with nor how….

But it will be fun!!


A formation with Jamo/Saint/Rome/Laporta/Gibbs would be alot of fun

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Looking at the top 75 prospects, it’s very interesting in the 27-38 range.
I’d try to trade back into 33-37 oa.
My settings won’t allow me to post the link to PFF’s top 75, but, it’s worth a look.

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