The Washington Commandos

I would like to introduce you to the only team that we’ve been able to beat this year.


Lol dude!!!

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That’s how we held them scoreless for 2 quarters


No wonder Hutch had 3 sacks when the O-line are blocking each other…haha


Wait a minute!?! Isn’t that holding?

They had the Vikings GM calling in the play on that one

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They probably threw a flag and gave Dallas a first down.


More than likely

That explains that.

Wait they have the Commandos and the Commanders?

I thought they were the Foreskins!?

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Eternally! Never change!

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I’m sure Snyder would have preferred the Comanches.

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Dear goodness I don’t want to see the throwback uniforms.

John Commando GIF by Australian Survivor

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They are just showing each other some affection. Don’t be so homophobic lol

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