The way the Refs screwed the Rams,, the Lions should

get a 2 TD lead and then let the pack score at will. The bitch of this whole things is the refs are a part of this and as a Lions fan that is total BS.


Get a two score lead then just walk off the field. Actually forfeit so theres no questioning what happened.

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Ha was thinking the same thing. Would love to be lining up for the game winning fg as time expires but electing to take a knee instead.
Seattle doesn’t deserve to get in.


Fan boys will never admit it… but ur watching WWE

Shocked Vince Mcmahon GIF by WWE


That loss is on the Lions! My Rams have never got hosed like since being back in LA.

Thanks you jerks.


This is but a taste

Not on us. The nfl is desperate to have Rodgers in the playoffs. Watch the calls they get tonight. Blame Green Bay for that loss.

The NFL didn’t want us to get too drunk on success. Hoping we have enough grit to end the Erin reign, but use the Seattle ref scandal to fill up the grit tank for next year. I need for a hollow back into playoff in 2022 season. Facing SF in their home may not have been our best matchup.

Instead we beat up Erin, keep building in the same manner, add a few key free agents and for 13-4 next year.

I’m over the Seattle
Game already.


But as long as GB beats us tonight they’ll be in anyway. They didn’t need to help Seattle win that game. In fact it makes tonight’s game less attractive. If anything the league probably wanted the Rams to win to make tonight’s game a true win-and-in showdown.


It’s fine y’all. We are just starting this rebuild and the future is wide open. This year was about shedding cap and establishing culture

Murdering the Pack will help put a nice cap on the season


I guess they should have told the refs to stay out of the way and don’t make bad calls.

Def def pulled some funny business but the rams still had an opportunity to win and they failed.

Fellas, fill me in here, what happened in the Seattle Rams game where the refs did something? What did the refs do? It wasn’t on here.

Thank you.

There were literally 7 calls / non calls that went for Seattle in the last 4 minutes of the game. From obvious taunting and intentional groundings… to an atrocious running into the kicker.

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bad running into the punter call which extended a scoring drive for seattle

bad roughing the passer call on Geno when geno ran into Ramsey and wasn’t out of bounds

didn’t call two punches throws on Metcalf right after that

didn’t call an obvious taunting on the game winning drive


It’s also takes some air out of the lions balloon and gives us less to play for.

It does, but if they’re willing to bend the rules to allow the Seahawks to win for that reason, why not just wait until the winner take all game to bend the rules and allow the Packers to win? Then you keep it a win-and-in game and ensure the same result.

There’s no guarantee they would have been able to make enough calls to sway the game if the Lions came out on fire so its much easier to take away their motivation and keep the game close so the refs can make the calls needed to get the result they want which is Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in the playoffs.

You could say the exact same thing about the Seahawks game