The WR Market and Sun God's Extension Hurdles

I am just going to say that ARSB would not take kindly to not getting this done. He would likely leave to the highest bidder on principle. He strikes me 100% as someone who would do this without thinking twice. The fact he still carries the draft grudge with him is amazing. I can see him getting into the HOF and being on the podium listing all 16 WRs taken before him…LOL.

I hope Sweet Lou Whitaker gets in, and then has Tram introduce him…then Lou lists every BBWAA writer that didn’t vote for him (about 300) and caused him to drop off the ballot after 1 year.

Lou, btw, is the highest ranked position player not in the Hall that is eligible and not connected to PEDs or gambling.

Tangent over


I agree. I also think that Brad and St. Brown will ultimately find common ground and agree on an extension.

However, just like St Brown might not fully value how the team around him sets him up for success in Detroit in particular, Brad might underestimate the difficulty in replacing St Brown. I mean, he did find St. Brown in the 4th and was part of the team mined Kupp in the 3rd and Nacua in the 5th. It’s easy, right? Then there’s the WR market that is in flux as noted in the video at the top of this thread. Do they agree on the flux?

It’s not time to freak, but it may be time to acknowledge that it’s a real negotiation, not the Give-Calvin-Everything-And-More kind. The Villain ultimately has limits:

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I agree on this.

I touched on this in a different awhile back. Part of having a winning org is have a GM and HC who do not allow the team to become hostage to any one player (OK maybe MaHomes…but even he recognizes he needs help). So they need to slot ARSB into a salary that they see as what he is worth to them. I also said awhile back that if there is one player that might not get what they want it would be ARSB. While I do agree what he brings culture wise is unique, what be brings in production can likely be found. Is it easy? NO. But it is much easier to replace a WR than a Tackle or DE or QB. That is just the reality of the position. I am expecting WR to go the way of RB and see a flattening of the salary as teams learn how to spot and coach up young talent.

But based on ARSB podcast he is pissed about what he is paid also. Not at the Lions per seh but just in general after he got fined. So he has his eyes on that next contract.

In 2023 he was tied for 2nd in receptions, he was 3rd in yards and he was 4th in TD catches. There is no reason to play with fire here. Just pay the man and move on. It sends a bad message to the rest of the team if Sun God isn’t getting paid by the Lions.

This is why Holmes is making that big money.
While I would cry if ARSB left the team. They must figure out how to keep this going. Winning is way better than sucking. And if that means without ARSB then I am down with it. Now lets see what I say if he leaves and the Lions post 120 yards passing… :joy: :joy: :joy:

This is the side of the game that sucks. Especially when you really appreciate some players. ARSB is one of those players for me 100%. I think the Lions need to get it worked out. I still think 4 years and 100-110M amount and guaranteed is a variable for sure.

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I’m still scarred by the Calvin “negotiations”.

OK, so a plane is going down with Goff, St Brown and Sewell on board, and there are only 2 parachutes…


Give the chutes to St. Brown and Goff.

Sewell will just make a dent in the ground, and then go eat lunch.


Sewell is getting the 5th year option tag. $19.04m

The will be the highest paid OL in the nfl

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When I read the list, my first thought was that the 265 must be a typo. That many yards (4160) on only that many targets (265) is just not normal. His yards per target are waaaaay above the next highest.

Easy…give them to Goff and Sewell because Sun God can fly.


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And it was. I guess I shouldn’t be expecting statistics websites to have their stats right.

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Beat me to it. Nice.

Randy showed us what it looks like to have 163 yards and 3 TDs on only 3 catches. He went 5 for 190 against the Packers in the same season.

Here are some rookie highlighest of Randy!

I remember Macafee a few years ago talking about Moss.
Showing a chart, (i forget what metrics) but
Moss was WAAAAY to the top right.
Calvin was next top right.

Then basically everyone else was in the middle.

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Moss for me is the all time Goat as a WR. There will be guys who put up more catches and more yards but I have never seen anyone dominate the game from the WR position like Moss. It was not scheme or incredible QB play. He just was bigger, faster, could jump higher, and better hands than everyone else. One of the all time freaks in a league full of freaks.

Sewell and Ra… Youth, dawg mentality, with protection, and a safety blanket receiver?? Hendon will manage :joy:

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