Theo Day invited to Lions rookie camp

I think a couple of you referenced him recently as a worthy candidate.

I believe that means the roster is now unofficially full

He’s got about as much a chance of making it as:


Beyond that, he’s not going to get a lot of time (i.e. reps), in training camp.


“invites” don’t count

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He is just there to throw Bullpen I am sure.

But that is fine. He graduated with my daughter so we are always pulling for him.

He has to take the opportunity given and turn it into something. Always be working and preparing.

He does have a cannon and is pretty slippery. I think his delivery is longish and his accuracy is spotty at times. But he is good clay. And hopefully he does something that warrants the Lions or someone else to have him back into other camps.

Morris day and the time ( what time is it ) greatest r&b band ever

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He’ll be throwing to another former Northern Iowa alumni, Fountain. He does have a big arm but he needs some serious coaching at this level to turn it into something.

Otis Day wasn’t too bad either…

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just for cross-check purposes…

Lions have 71, not including the 15 UDFA or Sutton, so I think we should be at 87 on our depth charts.

Well, I’m glad at least one person got the joke.

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Yes unofficially
71 Signed

So 87 roster spots taken. 3 currently open. Sutton will fall off in 30 days.
And currently 5 Try Outs

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It was a great reference.

Blough is gone, again. Suds is not likely to accept a demotion to Practice Squad.
He has as much chance as anyone to be our #3. And, let’s be real, with Goff and Hooker, not a lot of good QB’s are going to want to be buried on our PS.

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Excited to see hook! I think he’s gonna be a good one!


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