There is NO PRO BOWL this year!

I feel like people missed the memo and we are having a strange conversation in another thread.

There is no pro bowl this year and probably won’t be going forward. Its just challenge
s and stuff like that, just like some of you are wanting. At best there is a flag football game at the end.

It starts Thursday night. You are welcome.


Sewell Dodgeball might be fun though…

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Way start a worthless thread. My bitching was more on thought huntley is nominated for being a pro bowl.

I have missed the QB (and other) challenges since my younger years. Mostly the QB one. I swear that and a couple others could be the whole Pro Bowl and I’d tune in for three days straight.

  • QB Challenge(s)
  • Kicker Challenge(s)
  • Punter Challenge(s)
  • RB Challenge(s)
  • WR Challenge(s) (Juggs machine maybe?)
  • Defensive Lineman Challenge(s)
  • Cornerback Challenge(s)

Just some good spirited fun for a nice charity check. I’d be glued to the TV. I don’t need to see flag football or what it was before either where nobody is trying and actually hitting someone hard is frowned upon.

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Why dont we just have NFL dude poker night and Call of Duty and Board Game Night while we are at it.

QB Kitchen Challenge!

Kicker Powerlifting!

DT Luge!

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If you’d rather watch balloon tossing (yes, legit happening this year) than QBs throwing to moving targets 40 yards downfield and 20 feet in the air, that is your prerogative. :joy:

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Kyler has been preparing hard for a warzone tournament for the pro bowl.


If Goff gets injured in the three-legged sack race, I for one, will be pissed.

I agree. Those challenges were more fun to watch than the actual game. Bring back the trick kick challenge and the kickers game of horse! Also bring back nfl quarterback challenge the video game. Allow me to travel back to the 90’s. Even for only the briefest of time. :rofl:

I like the idea of a skills competition instead anyway. Much less of a chance to get injured and the game before wasn’t a real game anyway.

Drop the flag football game.

I want to see a real skills competition.

Combat Chess sounds like fun.

For the 3 legged sack race Jack Fox just shows up naked.

That would be epic…330 pounders in the Luge. haha

There used to be QB accuracy and deep ball contests back in the day. Would love to see that again and see how many of today’s QB’s would pass on the opportunity knowing what was ahead of them. :slight_smile:

Yeah but when are they playing the pro bowl football game?

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The pro bowl has what plants crave. It has electrolytes.

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