They are talking like they are scared in S.F

Working 3rd shift last night I listen to San Francisco sports talk for a little bit. They are scared. They are worried about Purdy. Also worried about Dan Campbell and the attitude Detroit brings. They are scared that the 49ers and Kyle are going to choke it away like they have done lately in the NFCCG


Going to listen to a lot more tonight when I come into work.


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You can say whatever you want about our organization…
We don’t play scared
We don’t draft scared
We don’t coach scared

This coach doesn’t play to not lose… This coach plays to win

We’re amazing at evaluating talent and drafting
Free agents want to come here
Smart with the salary cap
Brilliant, developing talent

This is an A+ football program

And yes…


It’s going to be a close game. We will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat IMO. But we have the coaching staff that is comfortable with taking that risk. Should be fun. I’m excited for the opportunity. What a Great year of Lions football!


All the pressure is on the 49ers. If we lose we will be disappointed but say it was a great season. If they lose and miss out on the super bowl again their fans will be pissed. Lets see how they handle the pressure.


If either team’s fanbase thinks this is going to be a cakewalk, they’re just being silly. It’s the conference championship. It’s the two best teams in the NFC squaring off.

Of course SF has reason to be concerned. Of course DET has reason to be concerned.

This ought to be the toughest game either team has played to date. Whoever is the victor will deserve the trip to the Super Bowl that they’ve earned.

I hope it’s us.



We just need to come out of this game with no regrets and who knows what can happen.


Vikings game versus SF should encourage us.

I think some people are being fooled into thinking that the Niners aren’t that good because they barely escaped Green Bay at home.
I think it was a one-off, they were rusty having not played meaningful football for a month, it was raining heavily and Deebo was out a good chunk of the game.

We’re going to see a determined Niners team that’s going to bring their best, I’m sure of it. I’m confident that the Lions can go toe to toe with them but we’re going to see a much different Niners team this week.


I have a friend in SF who is resigned to the fact that Kyle will choke away another good opportunity to win the Super Bowl and it could be this weekend. He’s more a casual than rabid fan, and so I think he reflects the collective fan base. What’s the reality behind those fears? We’ll see on Sunday.

I get that the pressure is on both teams because this is for the right to go to the Super Bowl. But the pressure is different for both teams:

For Detroit: here’s your chance to do something no Lions team has done since the Super Bowl era. A loss still makes this season a success. You are playing on the road against a team that has been pretty much considered the best team in the NFC for most of the year. Many people don’t even expect you to cover a 7 pt spread, let alone win.

For SF: based on the preseason and the last 19 weeks, anything but a Super Bowl appearance will be a disappointment. Fans are expecting a big win. You are favored to win big. A loss to the Lions crushes your season.

Bottom Line: the pressure just ain’t the same. If I’m Campbell, I tell players that the only people that thought they should be here were the Lions. Play loose, play like you have nothing to lose. If the Lions keep it close (within a score) or they get up early, the jersey fit around the neck starts to get a little tighter for SF.


The 49ers are still historically great on offense with all of their pieces.

Their defense has been suspect as of late.

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Interesting note that when deebo doesnt play the 49ers are 8-9. A sub 500 record when deebo is out in his time there. Purdy looked vulnerable last week.

I think with the attitude and strengths of detroit we have a punchers chance. The 7 point spread is odd to me but i could see us losing by 7 or more, but i dont expect it.

Of course we have a puncher’s chance. We’ve won 22 out of our last 27. They’ve won 24 of their last 28.

Ya i said it that way because it is still a bit of “dont know what to do with my hands” being here. I just dont get the 7 point spread it seems odd to me and has me a bit confused on expectations. I know that sf is good and immensely talented on offense but the lions seem to matchup well overall…

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Home field advantage counts for +3, so really we are only giving up 4.

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Oh, they of little faith. Simply put, they don’t believe in the Lions, mostly because of the defense and especially because of the secondary.