Things your wife has trained you to do

or significant other.

I will patiently sit and listen to her story for 20 minutes when in reality it could have been told in 2.

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Not to create a bunch of off topic threads on a Lions message board.

Ummmm…you do realize these threads were created in the Off Topic Tavern (OTT) right.

I’ve got a wife and 2 daughters and together they’ve trained me that I’m a minority vote and that the majority rules.

Have the drive shoveled when she gets home from work.
Then, of course the plow goes by twice before she gets here.

Call her on my way home from work

Has me saying sorry even when I know that I’m right. lol

You can tell that guy isn’t married or he wouldn’t talk back like that. :joy:

I’m sure its an old joke but I just heard it for the first time the other day.

“I went to a restaurant and the waitress had a black eye. I gave her my order really slowly, because clearly the bitch don’t listen.”:rofl:

Lmfao, I normally say, she should have did the dishes.