Think this POD article sums up a lot of our thoughts

The biggest story of this game is deciding whether this Colts defense is for real. The Lions offense has been far from electric this season, but they have all the necessary parts, and they’re coming off as close to a good performance as they’ve had all year. If the Lions decide to air it out and Let Stafford cook, I think there’s a chance they could pull an upset this week. But we know this coaching staff would rather establish the run, and I just don’t think that happens this week. Colts 23, Lions 17.

Last week in Atlanta, the Falcons gave us a chance at the end to win and Stafford took advantage of it. I doubt the Colts will be giving us a gift this week, although you never know. As I see it, both teams are essentially mediocre .500 ballclubs, meaning it’s a tossup IMHO. A key mistake or big play, a blown call by the officials or a call not made that should’ve been, with the Lions you never know.

So - expect nothing and let it happen.


Kirk Cousins (when he was in a massive slump) and Baker Mayfield are the best QBs the Colts defense has faced.

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I think the Lions win this one. I have felt this way for awhile, but the most convincing thing I saw was something @Air2theThrown posted about what their D has done, in a game by game breakdown.

I am not at all sold on their D. Free Stafford and let him attack. How the hell could we change our philosophy from last year that was winning? WTF? Are the coaches committed to losing? As soon as we make defensive adjustments, we try to tank with the offense?

Let the guys play football and have fun. This ultra-conservative crap is too predictable and counter-productive.

“I have a plan. Attack!”
-Tony Stark


Hilarious bro, my kids are watching Ironman as we speak.


Well, you can expect better coaching from the Colts than the Falcons. The Colts are not going to play a super soft zone like the Falcons did in the last minute of the game and allow the Lions to march down the field.

But I am guessing Philip Rivers throws 2 INTs. Will the Lions protect the ball or turn it over? Can the Lions capitalize on the expected Rivers turnovers?
I have never been a fan of Rivers. I think he is usually a turnover machine that has led to a lot of losses when he was in San Diego.

Agree. Reich is a good coach, and will exploit the Lions weak areas (Okudah, and man coverage as a whole).

Colts 34 Lions 13.

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