This dude deserves his own thread

Some cat from reddit did this.
@Blizer posted it in the draft thread.
I always respect Densters and other “volunteers” dudes that just love the draft that put this type of effort in. I gotta give this man his dues.

bbandrew from reddit


First thing I notice at our first round pick

CB Koolaid
DE Verse
DT Newton
LB Colson
OT Fautanu

Those 4 dawgs being available even though we don’t have a LB need, those 4 standout to me on defense. OT Fautanu in prime spot.

He has OT Kiran Amegadjie, OT Kingsley Sumataia, OG Cooper Beebe all there late 1 early 2

Brendan Rice as a round 2 WR makes a lot of sense. He has same range as Xavier Leggette (most mock draft sites have had him as a slam dunk late 2 or round 3 in the simulators).

I think Junior Colson & Xavier Leggette extremely undervalued by the mock community, and they will be guys that could go in the 20s/30s for sure.

He has Spencer Rattler over Mike Penix.

Graham Barton in round 3
Zach Frazier round 3
D Robinson round 3
Mo Kamara round 3

Fiske, Dorlus, Trice, etc round 4

CB Josh Newton someone on here loved him he is a round 7 guy

RB Blake Corum round 7 is CRIMINAL . STUPID

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I appreciate that he has his own methodology and highlights some pretty large deviations to the consensus. Certainly interesting. I wonder if he did this last year what his board looked like.

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I just realized he has some guys at multiple positions. I just saw Dorlus as UDFA as a WTF but he has him as a 4th rounder as an IDK which is fine. A little low IMO. I do think he’d be easily draftable as an Edge but I agree that 3T is his best spot. Most upside at least.

I think the Lion’s might sprint to the podium if he’s available, wonder how he’ll do in the interview portions

Quincy Riley as a UDFA is weird bc:

1:) he’s better than that
2:) he’s not even in this draft

I’m guessing he’s got some others that he needs to pull of his sheet.

I think Mo Kamara going round 3 is more realistic then him being available round 5 when we pick like I get in the mock draft simulators

Seeing a few mocks with the Lions selecting Darius Robinson at 29. This guy has him ranked at 80.

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I like Mo. I could definitely see it. Malcolm Koonce went in the third and and I think they are similar.

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Graham Barton as well.

Hes got Trey Taylor at 87 & Mikey at 103

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The Barton ranking is a real head scratcher IMO. Why did he evaluate him as an OT? It’s been known for at least a year that he was unlikely to be a pro OT.

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Chop Robinson at 16? Yeah, I don’t need to go any further LOL

The thing is, he isn’t even evaluating players. He’s just plugging in math formula(s) and spitting out numbers.

After that 40-time and combine performance there is bound to be a team mid-1st round at least considering Chop there.

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Yeah, for guys like Al Davis. :person_shrugging: He has Top 5 athleticism and 4th round football skills. He’s the Jamarcus Russell of DEs. If you take him, it’s all on who you think he can be as a football player, not who he is now.

Grading Chop above Cooper DeJean is ■■■■■■■ wild.

He may not bust. There is a chance that Chop sticks.

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I get why people take him and project him high, but Chop is a guy who is an All-Pro in 5 years or out of the league in 5 years. I don’t see a lot of in-between. He is the definition of ‘boom or bust’.

Too risky for my liking. But I know others like to swing for the fences.

I’d really like to see this guy’s methodology applied to previous drafts.

I agree. Boom/bust guy to his core. I took him at 36 in the mock under the presumption that I would double back and grab a high floor-lower ceiling guy to pare with him. WAS of course had a unique need at end and a HC that used Parsons in a way that might work well for Chop.