This game was vintage SOL

Change my mind

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Please stop it with that crap.


Yep. SOL back in business. All’s right with the world.


CJ’s stupid taunting penalty.
Dan’s dumb ■■■■■■■ fourth down at midfield.
And a swiss cheese defense, that DAN KNOWINGLY KEPT.

Aaron Glenn is a dumb, dumb man. Hard fact.



Thats doesnt change my mind…and the team can make me stop with this crap, if they ever stop with the SOL crap. Shall I list the ways this was SOL? Seems I shouldnt have to, as it was all so obvious🤷‍♂️

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Sloppy, sloppy game. Turnovers, injuries. Wasn’t good. But I won’t say SOL just yet.

Let’s see how they respond next week.


Plus the obligatory injuries all game, and a handful of awful ref calls

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We lost a game against a playoff team from last year in overtime.

I get some of the criticism, but some of the guys on here go way overboard.

I will say this, playing our first home game with that crowd going crazy with two backups tackles, the defense severely underwhelmed. Glenn should officially be on notice, and I’m a Glenn fan.



The ref calls didn’t help.

But think about the phantom illegal grounding.

It went both ways.


Fair, but this game in itself, is vintage SOL, especially given the expactations.

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I’m assuming Sea called the greatest game plan I’ve ever seen. Just perfect play after perfect play. But as is usual with the nfl, turnovers were the real difference.

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You literally just described why this game was SOL…thats all classic right there

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Good news is that gb is about to loose

Yea it sucks. The injuries are my main concern. Monty looked seriously hurt. We are down to a rookie RB and Craig Reynolds.

They lost to that same team by less points last year.

Just want to say, this team may not BE SOL, but they were today, this was vintage…if you cant see it, well, then you’ve never actually seen it🤷‍♂️


I mean the grounding was the right call. It’s literally the rules. One can argue it wasn’t the ‘spirit’ of the rule but it’s still the rule.

Hey the Hawks only scored 37 today, huge improvement over the 48 they scored last year. haha

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If we want to get technical, Goff’s pick six cost us the game.