This Illinois CB apparently already had a Top 30 visit with the Lions

I’m really working on the quality of my click bait titles. If you would please take this short, 12 hour survey… :laughing:


The Lions visited with THIS CB before the draft?! (REAL)

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@jman will be happy. Kerby’s college roommate.

Of course Brad has drafted plenty of guys we never officially met with, so :man_shrugging:


Yeah I like him a lot too and have mentioned him quit a bit. The guy can play inside, outside and S. And has production to back up his play.


You’re doing just fine. I think you should turn pro…

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Uh is “Top 30” visit a thing? Seems made up……

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It’s a “made up” phrase.

First off, the term “top 30” is a misnomer. Every team is allowed up to 30 in-house visits with prospects. The teams can use them on whatever level of prospect they wish. It doesn’t necessarily indicate the team is “high” on a player or anything like that. Some teams use the visits to create the illusion of interest. Others want medical examinations and information with their own doctors and training staff, which is one of the key components of the visits.

Quan Martin in the nickel and Kerby deep center…man that would be a nice duo out there long term

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I wonder if this is just a SmoKe ScReEn

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