This is bizarre, isnt Alexander considered one of the best CB's in the NFL?

Jaire Alexander

Bizarre “me first” behavior


Almost as stupid as an NFL ST coach calling for a fake punt without the HC’s approval.
What happened to that kid? Is he selling insurance somewhere? Did/will anyone give him another shot?

That’s what good Coaches do though. Doesn’t matter how good he is

Doesn’t look like it:

Reddit had the answer:


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According to his LinkedIn he’s been out of football since the lions job, and now owns his own company

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Wow you are right! I’m not on linkedin, so I didn’t see that. I think this is the company Sudberry Millwork - offering quality commercial, architectural custom woodworking and wood millwork services they do custom woodwork.

I guess that fake punt did end his coaching career.

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Alexander to the Bengals/Eagles/Raiders/Cowboys they like those knuckleheads

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Lucky they let the Packer clearify the call and not have to receive the kick in both halfs. His teammates might have issued their own punishments.

My caveat on that one

Was given the game situation

That was absolutely the right call lol

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I noticed that the refs let the Packers “clarify” as well. Because of course they did.


Yeah they are leinient like that at times. Like when Schwartz threw a challenge flag when it was technically not allowed. Oops! I sure hope that kind of crap is dead with the SOL mantra.


Do NFL refs get a lifetime supply of Wisconsin cheese when they become an NFL referee?


The Falcons threw a flag when it was not allowed the same season and they got penalized. But when Mike McCarthy did it that season (PACKERS), they let him pick it up.


I think someone needs to camp outside the hotels that the officiating crew stays at in Green Bay, I wonder what type of “perks” those refs receive before and after each game.

I was curious about this so I looked up the situation. Apparently there have been rumors for over a month that Alexander has been sitting out of games (or benched) due to being disgruntled with the organization. His last game was November 5th. He had a shoulder injury that he returned from and started practicing November 16th. Yet he didn’t actually PLAY until December 24th. And he couldn’t even get thru the coin toss before he did some shit that leads you to believe that he is a disgruntled player…not an injured one.

So this isn’t a stand up move by the Packers based on a singular incident. They activated Alexander without ironing out a volatile situation, and this is what they got.

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I almost forgot about that numbskull. But I was so checked out on the Lions by that point.

The main thing I remember is message board dullards standing up for him and saying “at least he was trying to win!!!”

Comedy Central Lol GIF

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How much different is Jaire’s behavior in forcing himself into the pre-game coin flip from Titus Young purposely running wrong routes? I suspect there might be a lot more going on behind the scenes with Jaire than we’re privy to. I hope for his sake he doesn’t melt down like Titus.

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You are reaching into a deeper perspective.

Alexander might have had a story that unfolded sooner if he had gone to a bad team. The winning kept him in check. A new fat contract with a losing team unlocked his “Yupong mode.”

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Is that Tyson or a Tyrannosaurus rex?

So it would seem.

That selfishness and stupidity cost him a game check and per game bonus = to about $100K