This is craziest thing I’ve ever seen as a lions fan

If home field is worth 3pts, and Vegas gives GB a half point better than that when playing in Ford Field, and gives us 1.5 points better than that when playing in Lambeau, then 1.5 = .5x3, so therefore we are 3x better than Green Bay.

Please feel free to send any other math questions my way.


And GB
And Buffalo

Crazy to me that they have betting odds for games 8 months from now in such an injury riddled sport.

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3%x 35 trillion/365

As a bookie

Any action is good action

You can bet on anything pretty much

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Yea I get it. Money talks and bullshit walks.

But I just think about how many teams lost their starting qb last year… betting on that now seems like playing blind darts.

But I guess blind darts can be fun too…

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Vegas know nobody will put any money on those losers once the season gets rolling and everybody starts to see how dominant the Lions are going to be.
Trying to get some early action.

The only game I know we’re going to lose is the Dallas game.
We get cheated in Dallas, every time.

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Since the middle of the 2022 season I’ve felt I’m in an alternate universe.

The Lions are the darlings of the NFL, have one of the NFL’s most popular coaches, and are actually a team that is fun to watch.

All this after trading our franchise QB who won the Super Bowl in his first season away from us (which is the epitome of SOL).


I didn’t know what i was clicking on, and I was like, “yeah, what’s this shit…”
Holy shit, I’m speechless.


It’s so weird. I’m getting bouts of derealization – this is not how I expect the universe to operate. A few months ago, I was wondering if I might actually be dead (hence the username) but then the 2nd half in SF happened.


Bravo. Nattering nabobs of negativism always bring up pesky facts…

It’s because Goff is a bridge QB.

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Yes, he’s a Bridge quarterback.

The Bridge is the command center of the USS Gritmaster, taking us places no Lions team has ever taken us before.


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