This is craziest thing I’ve ever seen as a lions fan

Literally in my 50 years of life, nothing has prepared me for this. I don’t even know how I’m supposed to respond.


Take out the 3 point for home field advantage and Vegas thinks that the only team better than the Lions is the 49ers.


It’s wild, but that was my first read into the games I think we lose. I think we’ll drop 1 or 2 we should win - probably Buffalo or Indy. But I also think we’ll win 1 or 2 e should lose. I think the window is 11-6 to 15-2. I am usually a slight pessimist, but this is BNL. I see a lot of folks predicting a loss to the Rams to start the season. I just don’t see it - this team will be on fire. I think it’s going to be a beat down - and I never feel that way.


Yup. Crazy. Vegas also seems to believe that the Ford Field advantage is no joke.


Same. Maybe not necessarily Buffalo or Indy, but 13-4 with surprise losses.

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That’s cute… We’re gonna smash their face in


Another thing that I love, is how fans around the country are enjoying us… We’re one of the most fun teams to watch.

Our coach probably has more celebrity status than any coach in the NFL… And he should

The lions are good for ratings boys.

Gibby scooting through holes he has no business creating… Goff With the timing down on precision routes by our receivers… Brown getting yardage she has no business getting… Our offensive line manhandling people… Our punter dropping dimes and smashing moon balls… Going for it on fourth down… Trick plays… Big plays… Etc. etc.

For the players, it’s fun… And it’s damn sure fun for the fans


There isn’t one team on that schedule that I feel we can’t beat.

I’m not trying to imply we will go undefeated, but I have never in my life looked at a Lions schedule and thought “we can beat all those teams”.


I completely agree, brother… I was thinking because our schedule is so tough, we may win about the same number of games as we did last year… But after watching our off-season… I think we win more.

I’m not digging much our division seems to have improved, but the rest of it all looks beautiful and if I was a gambler, I would bet on the Lyons every week

I love our guys, and I completely believe in them

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We could though.


Not to be “that guy”, but shouldn’t we apply that the other way too?

Like, doesn’t that mean they think Buffalo is a point better than us on a neutral field?


It’s a good feeling as strange as it is. And to think this is a first-place schedule, when we’ve never felt this with a basement schedule. Folks, take time to enjoy it.


Well yes, but this doesn’t fit my narrative.


I think @HSVLion just lost us some games

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How about the home games where we’re favored by less than 3. weird.


Sounds like easy money.

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Using the home team/3 pt rules Vegas thinks we are even with the Rams and not as good as GB.

I don’t get some of those spreads. Only 2.5-point favorites at home against GB, which indicates GB is the better team, but only 1.5-point underdogs on the road in GB, which indicates we are the better team. Make it make sense.


which is insane because the best team didn’t win that game last year. we were so much better than SF and I daresay KC we should be hanging a different banner this year.