This is the day I was waiting for . But I am confused

I didn’t wish lions to win super bowl , but I wanted lions to go to Green Bay once and kick their ass with full dominance.But I am confused now ,this is a recycled green bay team .Does my wish count now

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We also kicked their ass last year if it helps.


Wait, you didn’t wish the lions to win the super bowl?

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Forget it, he’s rolling


I low key think the Lions could pull a 1 seed

The final 8-9 games the only game they are not gonna be a clear favorite is Dallas and by then who knows

The North is complete garbage

And we have 5 games against the North in our final 8 games

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Time of possession 19:41 to 10:19

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Better than even the 2014 defense

Keep it classy, Wisconsin trash.

Wonder if they enjoyed that 5 carries for 7 yards in the first half.

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