This is the most fun you've had as a Lions fan since?

I’m not going to count the Green Bay game in Lambeau last year because that’s too easy, since that’s the only thing that comes close. For me it’s the most fun ever and it isn’t even a fair comparison.

What about you guys?

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Ever. 1991 was fun but ai’d only been a Lions a for two years. The suffering makes this incomparable.


I’m personally in a place in my life where this victory coincides with a new gig, new girl after a lengthy stretch of bullshit. Wow.


Since I was 9 years old in 1991.

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Next up…

Playoff wins…


Great question.

So many of us forget that in 2016, we were 9-4, and just won 5 in a row, and had the division title in front of us.

And then Matt ripped his fingers apart against the Bears. We subsequently lost the next 3, and then lost our playoff game at Seattle.

That will always be a ‘what if’ season for me.

Last season’s win over the Packers was a lot of fun, mostly because of how we ended Rodgers’ career as a Packer. We exorcised a demon that night.

Today tops them both.


Ever. Not even close.


The Dallas playoff game in '91 was a riot!
Today was the best game since…


I’ll say ever, and add another piece of fun. When Iffy got that pick, I immediately turned on 97.1 to hear Dan at the end of the game:

“The two teams meet at the center of the field to say ‘job well done’. Today job better done by your 2023 NFC North Champion Detroit Lions!”. Chills.

Dan deserves it just as much as every other fan.


Since they traded Stafford for Goff and all those draft picks which lead to their first division championship in 30 years.

I don’t remember to be honest. I was really young last time they won anything.

The year when Lions lost to Dallas in the first round. There were some really fun games that year to get into the playoffs.

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Hey, same age! Go lions!!

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I agree, and would add that this team feels very much like the 91 team.

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It really does. The feel of awesomeness! Viagra sales down this next week in Lions Land.

1991 playoff win.

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Outside of how we finished 2022…

…the last time I had “fun” being a Lions fan was 2016. My god what a crazy year. Every week was another comeback/game winning drive. What really helped was coming off of a 7-9 season with some firings, I didn’t have high expectations for the team. So I was able to enjoy each game for what it was instead of constantly worrying about playoff implications.

Game 1 - Right out of the box the tone was set for the 2016 season. We jumped up early and the Colts came back. They took a 1 point lead with 43 seconds left. Stafford makes 3 quick passes and we went from our own 25 to the Colts 25 in a flash. This was the game where Matt yelled at Marvin Jones for not getting out of bounds on a 22 yard catch. Prater hits the game winner!

Game 2 - We lost to the Titans 16-15. What I will remember is scoring like 6 TDs that got called back, and Matt Stafford running over a linebacker. Game 3 and Game 4 were also losses. Boo!

Game 5 - We were down 2 to the Eagles with 2:41 left. The Eagles had the ball and were marching down the field. The Eagles RB FUMBLES! We recover and 1 minute later Matt has us up by 1 point after a field goal. With 1:28 left I never had time to have the SOL feeling of giving up a game losing touchdown because the very first play of the Eagles drive BIG PLAY SLAY got a game winning interception! Game over!!!

Game 6 - The Rams came into town. After a back and forth game (lead changed 5 times this game) we took the lead with less than 2 minutes to go. A few plays later we had another game winning pick!

Game 7 - This game vs the Redskins had a chance to be a disaster. We were up 3 with 5 minutes left. The Skins methodically marched the ball down the field and scored a TD to go up 4 points with only 1 minute left. It only took Stafford 4 completions to have us in the endzone for the game winning TD with 22 seconds left! The pass went to Anquan Boldin, if anyone wants to remember the game and the play. Game 8 sucked vs the Texans.

Game 9 - This game vs the Vikings was legendary. We received the ball at our own 25 down by 3 points with ZERO timeouts. Matt hit 2 quick passes and then Prater made a 58 yard field goal to send the game into overtime! In overtime we won the toss and matched down for the winning score to Golden Tate! This was the game where Tate flipped into the endzone and put his butt in the defenders face! We won game 10 vs the Jags.

Game 11 - This one was on Thanksgiving vs the Vikings. Down by 3 backed up to our own 2 yard line, we matched down and got the game tying field goal with less than 2 minutes left. But rather than worry about another Lions letdown or going into overtime, BIG PLAY SLAY picked off Sam Bradford! The ball was already in field goal range so we kicked it and won the game!

Game 12 - This game vs the Saints requires some perspective. They beat the brakes off of the Rams the week before 49-21. We controlled the game from start to finish, never trailing for a single second. Golden Tate’s 66 yard touchdown catch and run will also be burned into my memory banks.

Game 13 - This was a win over the Bears where our offensive line was called for getting his own facemask held.

Game 14 - This game seemed like a loss to the Giants from the time we hit the field. But there were some memorable moments. Like when the ball skipped to Odell Beckham and the refs called it complete.

We were in a free fall after that and lost games 15 and 16 to close out the regular season. But it was a fun ride up until that point. Even though we finished 9-7 we had a shot at the division title against the Packers in the final week of the season.

I’m 41 now… but I will use that gif for at least 9 more years…

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The 95 season where the Lions went on a tear to make the playoffs.

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The Dallas win in '91 is still #1 for me. I was just a young tike at the time and hadn’t been immersed in SOL yet so I thought this would be the norm for the Lions going forward and, well, we saw how that has gone until the BNL era. Barry breaking Norton’s ankles to cap off the blowout was pure bliss.

The '93 Division clinch against GB and Barry 2000 yards with playoff clinch against the Jets (although the Reggie Brown incident was tough) were 3 and 4 for me after today which is #2.