This is the same team as 2 years ago


Points per game offense

2017-25.8 or 8th in the NFL
2019-23.8 or 13th in the NFL

PPG defense

2017-23.5 or 21st
2019-23.6 or 19th

Total yards offense

2017-337.8 13th in the NFL
2019-369.8 8th in the NFL

Total yards defense


In 2017 we beat one team with a winning record so far in 2019 we haven’t beat a team over .500.

We did tie the now .500 Arizona Cardinals though.

This isn’t a fire Patricia or a rehire Caldwell post this is more of a I’m shocked how with so much turnover on the coaching staff and the roster the results are damn near identical.

I’m not a Patricia believer but I can’t figure out how this defense is this bad.


Yeah, it seems the longer Quinn stays here, the worse the product gets. Sure, we could very well win more than 6 games this year, but the back end of the schedule is pretty weak and there will be a lot of meaningless games coming up.

Week 17 vs Green Bay is shaping up to be one of those games we win because GB has a bye locked up and is resting their starters. But make no mistake, this team is full of holes.


The Vikings game was the only game where we were outplayed. Not sure how you can say the product is worse…

We are an average running game and run defense away from being undefeated. I feel like the run defense should tighten up as this year progresses. Hopefully we adjust and start putting more pressure on the quarterback as well.

If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

If we had a good running game and could stop the run, we would be good? You don’t say. Instead, our best RB gets an anemic 3.3 ypc and teams are running all over us. That’s the sign of a bad team.

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Not sure how you can fault Quinntricia for believing they had those two aspects in good shape. KJ ran for 5.4 ypc as a rook and Snacks seemingly singlehandedly plugged the hole in the run defense. This year both of those guys are MIA. Need to add redundancy to those positions, obviously. Too bad PJ Johnson got snapped up by Arizona, he could have been Snack’s mini-me.

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I stated it all offseason that the Snacks effect last year could have been some fools gold based on the opponents we played and the back up RBs we played down the stretch last year. Not that Snacks wasn’t a nice pick up, just that the “top 10 against the run” was a bit fake.

KJ had a few nice games last year, but was very inconsistent (which is understandable for a rookie). This year he has been very consistent. Consistently mediocre. He doesn’t seem to have any burst, tackle breaking ability or able to handle a heavy workload. We need to invest in the position again. Maybe he would be a good RB2, but not seeing round 2 value out of him.


Even if the Lions aren’t in the hunt for a playoff run in 2019, it might not be a bad idea to be shopping for talent anyway. Teams like the Falcons have guys like Beasley who could maybe be had for a late round pick, plus other guys that might be worth looking at. All around, the Lions should be shopping for younger vets they can add that will fit their schemes and do it relatively cheaply.

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that’s the truth isn’t it! :slight_smile: people don’t realize they’re making excuses. with this team it’s always IF this, IF that… vs seeing what’s actually there.

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Our DL is pretty banged up. It’s definitely not playing up to the expectations many of us had for the. It’s difficult to grade them until they’re healthy.

The Lions RB’s are getting hit by defenders the fastest in the NFL. But they are the best after first contact. What this suggests is that RB isn’t the problem and that OL is. Personally I think the problem is the interior OL. They’re just not opening up the holes like they did a year ago.

Bottom line is we’re getting beat in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

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Or could it be our RBs are slow to get to the hole? Watching KJ vs Cook yesterday was like night and day. KJ is slow to get to the line and Cook just launches to the line of scrimmage like he is shot out of a cannon. There was a play where KJ ran left into a huge hole. No doubt in my mind Cook takes it to the house, and maybe goes untouched. Instead, KJ got tripped up for like a 6 yard gain.

If you have a RB who takes that to the house, the entire running game looks different.

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No that would have the opposite effect. Defenders are getting to our RB’s faster than any other team in the NFL. - this suggests a blocking issue.

Our RB’s have more yards after that first contact than any other team in the NFL. - This suggests that if they had a little more time to get going (Bigger hole) than they would be even better than they are. This stats shows the exact opposite of what your claiming by the way.

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The weirdest thing about the Lions since 2010 is that they can never put a complete season together on both sides of the ball. Either they have a great D or a great O. Or mediocre both.

This really could have been that year.

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The last 2 games are the 1st games this season where KJ has looked “bad”

He was literally dodging guys at the handoff the first 4 games.

Its weird, to me KJ looks bulked up this year . I thought he’d withstand punishment better. But he’s played worse.

He could just be a guy that is always going to be gimpy in his knees.

He did add on weight to help reduce injuries. It appears it just reduced his elusiveness.

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