This is the stuff that pisses me off


Ignore the fact your veteran QB was right and you cost us the game.

Fuck you, Patricia.

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He couldn’t have screwed up, he’s Matt Patricia! Look at all of the rings from New England!

Never mind that Belichick keeps rolling and anyone who leaves NE gets left for dead on the side of the road.

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It seems as though he’s putting the blame on the players for not “executing”…

He needs to be careful with these kind of statements or he will definitely lose the team!

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You have to listen to the question and response.

I understand the anger and frustration, but if you hear all he said and translate it, they have a plan for that “situation”. They’ll obviously have to adjust that.

And you know something else? He’s right, they do need to get out there and execute. If they fall to pieces because of a whistle, penalty or time-out, then he’s got a lot more work to do than adjusting their own responses to situations.


Hindsight is always 20/20. If the timeout wasn’t called and the ball got tipped, or dropped or whatever, we would be blaming someone else. It was 1 moment and 1 decision out of hundreds. Taking that timeout did not end the drive. Coming out of the timeout and screwing up the 3rd and 5 play, ended the drive. Just because the timeout was very unfortunate, it did not make the Lions defense collapse for the final 20 minutes, or the offense turn to crap for the final 20 minutes. Or the 2 highest paid defensive lineman not show up for the entire game. Again, Snacks and Flowers played against a depleted, terrible Cardinals offensive line and were completely deleted from the entire game.

I agree that the timeout sucked, but maybe in year 15 we can teach our QB to get out of the huddle and run a play before the gosh damn clock is at 1 second. If we weren’t freaking slow getting to the line, the timeout wouldn’t have been a factor. There’s a lot more blame to go around than for a coordinator not wanting to take a delay of game penalty.


We look at it the same way.

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I agree with Wes and Big Ten.

Honestly, the punt muff played the largest role as it was an unforced error that cost our defense points. In general the Lions did not execute well late in the game. The Lions played well for three quarters and poorly for one quarter. It is unfortunate that quarter was the fourth quarter.


It’s kind of the opposite of Caldwell ball, isn’t it?

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That’s what sucks. It didn’t have to be that way. They went all in on extra conservative offense and defense early in the 4th quarter.
That’s a massive coaching blunder.

I can’t remember the last time Stafford let the clock run down to zero. You have to trust your veteran QB. Coaching hurt more than helped the team vs Arizona.

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Wow. You are right. I just scrolled thru almost the entire 2018 season and I couldn’t find a single delay of game penalty on the Lions. Seems crazy, because I swear we are always late to the line and scrambling to get the ball snapped. On the other hand, we probably have used a ton of timeouts to avoid these penalties as well.


If you’re going to run motions and shifting around your offensive formation then you better get the play in to Stafford with plenty of time, especially when it’s crunch time. Stafford said the players need to get to the line quicker and maybe that’s true, but you have to call the play quickly enough to give your players the time to look over the defense and make any necessary blocking adjustments or even change the play.

I have not seen the replay of the now-famous timeout, but I wonder if Bevell dithered around before telling Stafford what play to run. We should’ve had time to even try a long count to pull the defense off-sides, in a critical point in the game like that maybe they coulda got a penalty and a free 1st down.

Another thing - I dunno how loud it was down there, but I got the impression that at times Stafford wanted the ball but Ragnow didn’t hike it for some reason. So, Glasgow needs to tap Ragnow when the play clock gets down to 1 and get the play off. If noise is a problem you gotta make adjustments.

I agree that it was one decision on one play
One of thousands when you consider the decisions of each player on the field on each play
From that game …
There’s a lot to clean up
But also a lot to build on

It wasn’t a total clusterfuck like last years first game

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Exactly! If you can’t trust a 10 year veteran, you should get rid of him!
The fact is, that 10 year vet can’t trust your fat ass and now will be looking over his shoulder rather than concentrating on football!