This is what Brad warned us all about... Trust the man

We all watched the press conference where Brad told off the media for their criticisms. And he told the fans to trust the process. They’re going to be better. This wasn’t a fluke. Everything was by design.

BH, and DC both told everyone what they do. They build through draft, re-sign their own players, are not into signing free agents to long big contracts, and they want to know the players they sign.

Last year I correctly predicted RB, LB, and TE. Which happened exactly. I’m not boasting because I wanted DE’s, and DT’s all over the place. And just because I predicted it, doesn’t mean i liked it. They signed DMont to a 3 year deal. But draft a RB 12th? Rodrigo was solid, they knew Barnes was going to break out, they love AA, but draft a MLB 18? They got rid of Hockenson, and played better without a top tier TE, but draft LaPorta? They signed CJGJ, but trade up for Branch?

DC to Shiela - “We have CJGJ, but we’ll find a place for Branch because he’s a really good football player”.

I admit i am one of Goff’s biggest criticizer’s. but I also admit he’s been very successful. A QB in the 3rd? Trading the rest of your picks for Brodric Martin who hasn’t even played?

This is all another repeat of media, and fans bashing Brad Holmes.

They won their division, and they made it to the NFC championship. As a 30+ year fan, that for me, it was like winning two superbowls. And they should have won that game.

I’m not going to pretend like I know what Brad is going to do, or not do. For 30+ years I was extremely emotional, and passionate about free agency, trades, drafts, etc.

I have no favorites in free agency, or the draft. I have some hope for things, but no predictions. For the first time in my life, I’m just going to sit back, trust the process, and watch Brad Cook.

I’m trusting the man.


Agree with all of this.
He has earned it the last 3 years.
But this is the year we all find out about the Lions. This is the toughest schedule you can have. While your placement only effects 3 games, 3 wins verses 3 losses is Playoffs or top 10 pick most years. Huge swing.

If the Lions can get to 11-12 wins again, I will be able to relax. That is the toughest part. Consistency.

Great post.

I don’t really like the Davis trade, and there’s definitely questions about the Davenport pickup, but if anyone deserves the benefit of the doubt it’s Brad Holmes.

The time to judge this offseason is next offseason, but until then I will have faith rather than doubt, because Holmes has earned that.


I like the prove it deals with free agents and the long term build of the roster with draft picks.
Even Carlton Davis is a one year rental that cost us draft capital but if these guys break out this year, we are the first to retain them ala Glasgow or let them walk for a potential supplemental pick.


That’s what I’ve been saying since FA opened.
We’re not the same organization as the previous…50+ years.
The culture has changed. It’s time we fans caught up with the changing times.



I’m not a huge fan of what he has done so far in free agency but he builds well through the draft. Let the man do his thing.


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Anytime I agree with something @CatholicNinja posts, I feel like I have to shower.

I need to go shower.


I’ve had many moments of clarity and prescience in the Den, none of which I can cite as this time due to one thing or the other… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Ninja and ESPNbaby making more sense by the day…
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I remember being scarred from all the first round WR’s and TE’s. When Jamo was picked 12th I was hurting. Now Brad can do what he wants and I will be okay. WR? NP!

And I honestly think BH has done a good job in free agency so far. They obviously think highly of Davis so I will too. Love his size and physicality. And I assume Moseley’s docs gave Brad the thumbs up. With Sutton, and Robertson I am good.


Brad built a roster that should have been in the Super Bowl last year. Likely would have won it. He did it in only 3 years. I’m gonna sit back, enjoy the offseason and let the man do his work.


Do you count year 1 as a building year? I think of it as a purging year, think of the contracts and over paid players/bums he inherited.
IMO: What Brad/Dan have done in 2 years is AMAZING!


I get the point but you have to start with the foundations when you take on a new project. Inspect every aspect of the building and shore up what needs to be shored up, tear down get rid of what won’t support the building.

So yes, year one is definitely included as the purge/salary cap cleanse was also a risk Holmes and Campbell took. Knowing if it didn’t go well the scrutiniy would we worse.

Probably has one of Tunsil’s gas masks

EVERY move was for the future, including the 1 year band-aids that had a low likelihood of working out (heavily criticized for).
Choosing players coming off of injury gave us better draft choices…not a “tank job”, but a “1 year tank job” that gave us damn near the equivalent of 2 full draft classes when we came back in year 3. BEAUTIFUL…and by design.

I think they are a lot smarter than they get credit for. I think Bro-Mart will be a monster. I think Hooker is either gonna be awesome or some good-to-great beans down the road. I think there is a level of Jedi shit going on that we can’t see when it first happens. Look at last year’s draft → unreal… literally not believable.

Top 3 TE
Top 3 RB
Top 5 S
Top 5 LB (watch and see)
…stir in some Bro-Mart!

Holmes is on another level.
■■■■ the SF’rz!


Just keep throwing shit against the wall until you predict everything but kicker. You also predicted a Guard at #18. Stop lying, you are embarassing yourself.


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First of all… this is disturbing
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4th like EVERYONE i gave a lot of different scenarios so what? its fun.
5th the amount of shit talking and heat i got for saying rb, lb, and te was psychotic. “brad doesnt drat lbs high” with a fake text message showing bad wont draft a lb… everyone thought they knew brad like he was their best friend. i left this board for it and came back so those assholes can eat crow. Still no one gave me that respect and of course the assholes wont.
6th im not a liar
7th kiss my ass again for your shit talkin. Its miserable people like u who disturbingly look this shit up just to cause trouble.
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The only reason people talk shit is because i criticize goff. which isn’t allowed around here.