This is what you signed up for people, jeez

Even if winning or average - takes all of the fun out of it for players. Dudes were no more passionate than going to the same assembly line job every day (I did it to put myself through college). Let them be who they are. Let them go to war. These are warrior people, not fake rocket scientists.

I’m good with the draft, Holmes and crew did well. I think we have posters on here who don’t follow all 3 levels of football and aren’t familiar with most of these prospects, and that’s ok

Protecting your QB and bringing pressure up the middle on the opponents QB is always a good thing.


I can see your point… but would it be any different if they had not taken McNeill this year… but then drafted a DT in round #2 or #3 next year?

I am not trying to be difficult. There is a possible issue if both play well and hit free agency in the same year.

But… I have always hated the “shopping list” drafts that result in 1 player being taken… which then dictates what positions we can consider with the next pick… and then a team could possibly pass on a player that might turn out better than the guy they drafted in the previous round.

Not a prediction… but it is football. Levi might get hurt… and Alim might be the better player in the long run.

I could easily be sold that there were better “values” or even better players with each of those picks… but I also REALLY like both Levi and Alim as prospects with plenty of athletic ability and plenty of good tape. If they both end up being above average starters… it is a win. Even if not signed signed to a 2nd contract… they still would have provided benefit in Detroit… and possibly even a comp pick near the original investment if they leave.

I am just thankful that for 1 year… the Lions didn’t draft a guy in round 2 or 3 that made me think… “that dude won’t be in the NFL in 2 years.”

Heck… I am optimistic that all of the Lions picks this year will be in the NFL for more than 2-3 years!


I’m just going to say for the record that I’m never going to accept that.

I think a good HC turns things around quickly and the growth should show in year one.

I want and expect to have something to root for this fall.

They actually play somewhat different games.

McNeill is more of a plugger, whereas Onwu is more of a penetrator.

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I do expect to see growth. And I expect to see this team pick up a few wins, maybe more than last year. But I don’t believe their goal was ever to field the best possible team for next year, or they would have drafted differently.

I’m looking forward to just rooting for them to do well, rather than worrying that every win makes another season of Patricia more likely.


The attitude of the players will make a huge difference. I have no idea how anyone could have been excited about coming to work to play for Matt Patricia.

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But neither are exclusively one or the other. That’s their greatest appeal and our undoing with the guys we’ve had for the last few years.

Yes - plus, Patricia’s defensive scheme was historically bad. Almost looked like he was trying to lose.

Not that it means much, but I’m in lock step with the OP. The toilet was plugged so bad from the last two regimes, that the entire septic field has to be rebuilt. We’re just in the “digging the new shit hole” stage.