This is what you signed up for people, jeez

I can’t say I’m shocked to see all the freaking out here since last night, but srsly people, think this through.

We know the Lions have one of the worst rosters in football, definitely the worst defensive roster. We know there are huge holes at every position group on this team. We know this is going to be a multi-year rebuild. There’s a reason our coach signed a 6-year deal. And if you forgot, Campbell and Holmes remind us of it every time they open their mouths.

And yet, a lot of folks here who give lip service to that idea don’t want to accept what it means. “Yes, yes, we all know we’re very bad, yes yes, this is going to be a process.” But deep down, we want to dream we’ll find awesome young playmakers at all our major holes so we can (gasp) play some decent football next year.

I am very sorry to crush those dreams, but that is not going to happen. That’s not even the goal.

The Lions are in a unique spot, in that there are no expectations for next season. This is extremely rare in the NFL, likely will never happen again for this regime. I’m not saying this is “good,” or that I want to be here, but when you’re in this spot, you should take advantage of it. You do that by NOT drafting to fill holes, no matter how gaping those holes might be. You do it by taking the guys you think are the best players in the draft when you pick, who you see as the future of your team.

Keep in mind, as many holes as we have right now, even the spots that are supposedly covered are holes! We’ll probably turn over another two thirds of the roster before we start to legitimately contend. Just because we have a warm body there now doesn’t mean that guy will be here two years from now—or that we even want that guy here two years from now.

We have the fortune(?) to need upgrades EVERYWHERE. We hired a guy who’s supposed to be a draft guru and surrounded him with smart, experienced people. We need to let them take the guys they believe are the best players on the board—and forget about what that means for next fall. Next fall is already a loss, accept it. Let these guys focus on adding players they love. We’ll know soon enough if they know what they’re doing.


I agree with everything except that next season is a loss. Might could, but I ain’t giving up yet.

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I just want to reiterate what you’re saying on the numbers…
It is likely (we’re at 24 already) that just over 50% of the 53-man roster will be turned over by Game 1.
Of that 50%, a very large percentage are 1-year deals that will turn over again next year.

I hate to call it two steps forward, one step back, but that does exist. It’s not just incrementally better year to year without taking some lumps, too.

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When Seattle changed to pere Carrol, they made like 126 (don’t remember exact# but its close) transactions in the first 2yrs. I remember some Seattle fans being WTF are we doing??
That turned out pretty good. I think this is the same road we’ll travel. And not every move will work, they don’t for ANY TEAM. But we FINALLY have a direction and plan.

I am sick of seeing posts like this. Some are overreacting because everyone isnt jerking off over every pick. The ones who need to chill out are those criticizing the ones who aren’t jerking off. It’s ok to question and not totally understand something. You aren’t a better fan because you 1000% back everything your team does no matter what.

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It’s funny bc our leadership is being uniquely transparent with their fan base. They told us they were going to bite off knee caps and that appears to be what they’re preparing to do.

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Uh… think you’re reading into this a little bit.

I’m not making any judgments about anybody’s quality as a fan. Just noting the dissonance when people have been talking for months about how this is a multi-year rebuild, but then freak out when they see it in practice.

I have no idea if these guys were the right picks, or if they’re any good at all. I’m speaking to the main theme of most complaints here, that we didn’t fill holes. These guys have been pretty clear that wasn’t going to be their approach.

There is one pick in question, and rightfully so IMO

I guess I’d questions picks in a couple years or more. No one knows how these guys are going to turnout. There’s really no place that we can’t use an infusion of talent.

Word - we were always gonna freak out…it’s what we do!

Right on! Our strengths are more really…“strengths,” as compared to the rest of the team, of course.

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Spot on REM. The other issue is the inability of some to accept this regime is drafting purely on BPA according to their board, not need. Holmes said he wasn’t going to be ‘pigeon holed’ to make a pick based on perceived need, yet so many of the grumpy responses are relative to us needing to draft for need to fill a hole.

I too have had to remind myself after each pick, that this isn’t necessarily about filling holes. It’s been focused on getting the best football talent we can with each pick. The last couple were obviously targets (LB and WR), but still appropriate value. The first 4 picks were simply the best talent available and obviously football players our leadership was pretty excited about bringing in to build a quality roster.

I honestly think the picks they made have improved the overall quality of this team, and will give this team the ability to grow in the right direction.

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Sewell might literally end up being the best player in this draft. High likelihood of it, actually.

I am aware that he’s not a skill position. He is the foundational block of the OL for a looooong MF’n time.

Have any of yo ever bought a jersey of an OL? LOL.


There’s gonna be ups and downs, growing pains. Not everyone is gonna agree. What we all want is a championship. A competitive team. Not the s**t show we’ve been fed year after year, decade after decade.

I don’t know if this regime is gonna deliver but they’re giving me hope. Gonna be ALOT of roster moves in the next few years and some are gonna freak out. I don’t see how drafting the 2nd best DL at 41OA is a reach. Dude is a baller. We had THEE WORST DEFENSE last year. Historically bad. We couldn’t stop the run. Gave up the most red zone TDs, most rushing yards. We couldn’t get ANY pressure on the QB. Couldn’t collapse the pocket. QB’s are sitting back there knowing no one is gonna touch them.

Sick of waiting for Hand and Bryant to get on the field or signing guys that just steal money like Mike Daniels or dudes outta shape like Snacks. You get paid millions of dollars get yo fat ass in shape.

Let’s give this regime a chance. I get it. I been around watching since the early 80’s. All the BS calls against us, the stupid roster moves. Lots of fans like my Pops have been thru this mess even longer. We’re all sick of it. One word to describe this organization, INCOMPETENT.

I buy in with every regime change. I don’t know why but this time it just feels different. I don’t knock anyone for not buying in BUT in my view these are sound moves being made from the start. It’s not old man Ford and his cronies anymore.

I like the vision. Holmes and Campbell have an energy that is contagious. Bringing in Dorsey, Agnew all the coaches. It’s gonna take a few years but I’m liking the path.

Hey I don’t blame any Lions fan for taking a wait and see stance and second guessing. We been burned sooooo many times. But for me I’m chugging the kool-aid. O YEAH!!!


People have to remember that the Lions ended up 5-11 with a 4 game losing streak and a last place finish in their division. It’s time to make changes.

They made the choice to move Stafford, and then they drafted guys in the trenches in the first two picks. It’s a work in progress but it’s progress. I like the draft through the first four rounds.

Looking forward to next year with a lot of new faces and a positive direction.

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No one is critical of the first DT taken

Some fans are losing their mind over drafting Levi.
As for McNeill he was mocked anywhere from 2-4 round. Explosive, athletic, good motor. There’s a trend. Excellent run stuffer. That right there. We cant stop the run.

I like McNeill as a prospect. Just not after taking Levi

Yet the 2nd DT taken was the BPA left in the draft on their board and gives them versatility up front and another guy that even at the 0 can pressure up the gut. Where we were abysmal for yrs. Depending who you believe, it’s possible we took the top 2 DTs in the draft. A severe weakness is a potential strength. I love it, and it’s about damn time.

We were a sieve up the middle, couldn’t stop the run or pressure the QB. We should be able to collapse the pocket and that will have a huge positive impact on a weak LBer core, the DEs being more effective and help the secondary. It all starts up front and especially in the middle. It’s a relief to see MC/DC commit to a massive improvement there with those 2 and Brockers and that combo gives them the ability to run 4-3 or 3-4 front and different packages for either.


I get it. I’m trusting the process. As I take a big gulp of kool-aid. Lol

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And it was clearly important to Holmes and Campbell to get a certain mind-set, a certain attitude and certain intangibles in the guys they took.

Patricia’s defense was so bizarre, with no emphasize on pressure. A passive defense.

I’m not surprised they want to flush that mindset out of town and get kneecap-chewers.