This picture highlights the drop off in talent in two 6 player tiers

Kinda stark when you look at it that way. Go from elite at 9-14 to not so much



Yet when someone says that there are less than 15 players with 1st round grades, somehow it’s the grader’s fault for not numbering 32.


I dont get it, what am i supposed to be looking at?

And that’s usually in the vicinity of where the drop off happens. Somewhere between picks 12 and 18.


One of these things is not like the other….

The first six represent elite talents. The next six, not so much.

Based on what? Do you have some metric to determine what is elite? I think you are kinda grasping at straws here.

If only Kenny Pickett could increase the size of his unit…I mean his hands, he could be an all-time great!!!

I always thought they were considered elite due to a higher midichlorian count. It’s real.

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