This place is toxic and depressing to read

I’m not going to read anything else here until we begin to win, then perhaps posters won’t be so negative all the time. I have no idea how long that will take but until we do so, the constant bashing is just bad for anyone’s psyche. I guess it’s just the internet these days, but every time someone posts something that’s not negative we become slappies, have no idea what we’re talking about, etc.

See ya…




We ask our team, The Detroit Lions, to continue to fight through the tough times. We expect them to compete even when the game is a blowout. We ask them to push forward through the losing seasons, so that we may experience the taste of winning one day. Can we ask you to do the same?

In the famous words of Tom Bodett, “we’ll leave the light on for ya”.

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Yep… Can’t believe people get joy out of being a “fan” of the lions and proceed to bash the team with every opportunity they get (or even if there is none lol). Seriously do ya’ll haters even have friends to discuss to Lions with or just gotta go to this forum to get any interaction possible.

Seriously go do other things to make your lives happier. lol.


I used to really let it bother me. Now I just call it how I see it and don’t expect much from the lions. But when we’re up by 17 in the 4th quarter against a terrible qb I expect a win. Sorry but only the lions blow 17 point leads in the 4th…and all of us watching the game knew it was going to happen. Lol


You’re expecting a fan base that has repeatedly been bent over and fu**** by the football gods every football Sunday for decades, that mainly live in the city of Detroit, to not call things how they see it?


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Its 60 years and counting. So good luck with that.


Lol people ain’t “calling things as they see it” here. They bash anything they can even when it’s unreasonable (like uh Swift is a bust? Okudah is a wasted pick). How ya’ll see it when shit hasn’t happened. You can disagree about something (aka the coach) but do ya’ll seriously gotta put his name in every single post even when he’s not the topic?

Fandom’s a choice. How some of these posters get happiness from this is laughable.

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I can’t speak for others, but i know i like to point out positives and negatives based on my perceptions.

Some people see this, some people see that. We get on this board and share our perspectives.

If you can’t understand why there are incredibly negative members of this tribe based on the last several decades of lions football then i don’t know what to say.


What do you expect to see when the Lions squander another 4th quarter loss?..I mean honestly, do you really expect people to be all positive and rah, rah?

Didn’t say you can point out positives and negatives.

Regarding these “incredibly negative members,” that’s why I honestly suggest to find another team or do something else to make their lives happier. This is a fan forum right? How can you be a fan and be “incredibly negative.” Even if you are a “fan,” what’s so fun about constantly hating the team on the on an online forum lol.

And btw, incredibly negative is an understatement lol.

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I didn’t say everyone was, I said I was. Talk about toxic lol. Relax dude it’s a long season.

Ah yes, the first good old fashioned sunshine blower post of the season. Now this place is really starting to feel like the original! This gives me a nostalgic feeling.


Uh, wasn’t even responding to your post? Don’t even know what you’re talking about “everyone.” Did I say everyone on here was “incredibly negative”?

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Feel free to find another message board if this is too toxic and depressing for you.

Use your own advice and and “go do other things to make your life happier.”

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Didn’t say this place was too toxic and depressing for me. That’s why I wasn’t the guy who said I was gonna take a break from this site.

Perfectly content with my life. That’s why I ain’t going all incredibly negative on a fan forum site. I guess you’re one of those “incredibly negative posters”. Sorry to offend you.

Oh… you’re the guy who posted “Swift is a bust.” Makes sense.

Lions fans ‘EXPECT’ more/better-than they have seen the past even ten years, let alone 60. This was one game Vs the Bears, but it left a familiar bitter taste in our mouths. WE expected a somewhat “better” defense and so far that looked like wishful thinking. and one rookie mistake helped only to make us lose that game , add to that, that Matt Patricia seems to be a waste of a HC . that doesn’t make for happy fans. what a shocker !

1 win in their last 14 games? How can anyone not see all the good that this franchise has? Other than having the best owner in professional sports, the Detroit Lions most likely have the best GM in sports, and at least a top 5 NFL HC.

Positive enough?


(Lions give up three 4th quarter TDs to one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL – but who constantly carves them up – to blow a three-score lead in the 4th – Matt Patricia’s 12 blown lead in the 4th quarter.)

wHy is tHiS pLaCe sO neGAtiVe??

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You are whining incessantly in this thread and making nonsensical suggestions like “become a fan of another team if you can’t be positive”. Your posts correlating outside happiness with posting on a fan forum are farcical. Typical sunshine blower that thinks being ceaselessly positive about the franchise makes you a better fan.

You think a little too highly of yourself if you think you can offend me.

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It is toxic. No doubt about it. The Lions have made it this way, though. I’ve said all summer that this team needs to win in the worst way, just to turn the conversations around. It’s toxic not just because a losing team draws posters that like to pile on in the tough times, it’s toxic because good posters have nothing to counter with because the team has given them nothing to counter with. So, yeah, we get to read about picking top 5 again after only 1 week or we get to read about the pitchforks being readied for the current HC. It’s toxic because our team is losing in many ways.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that Quinn and Patricia were given plenty of slack. If they’re crashing and burning, it’s completely on them. The crash and burn, however, is horrific to watch. The posts here will reflect that.