This quote makes me thing we aren't drafting a QB

Coach Campbell has a six year deal for a reason in his mind. I don’ t think you draft a QB to redshirt because if you’re looking for your franchise you don’t want to waste his cheap rookie years on the bench. Detroit will suck under Goff for a year or two - build the trenches now, draft the franchise QB later. I expect a trade down from #7 to the early 20’s to get another couple of picks even.

Imo that also shows they dont think Wilson or Fields will be there at 7, and that Lance is considered a reach…orrrrr, they could be downplaying their hand, something us Lions fans arent used to from our historically “smartest guys in the room” GM and HC’s…

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Should he be criticized for showing his hand prior to the draft?

But is he? We’re not used to HC’s /GM’s who arent idiots…imo, all these new guys know how to play a draft, compared to what we’ve had.

Would be a nice change if the rest of the league didnt know who the Lions were going to pick a week before the draft. :man_shrugging:


Im thinking what this means is the Lions at this point dont see a QB in this years draft thats worth trading up for. Doesn’t mean they wont draft one at some point this year. If the right guy falls to them in the right spot, sure, but that could even be a later round guy.

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I’d be okay with Ehlinger in the 3rd and see how he develops…hell, I’m okay with taking a flyer on a 3rd-5th rd QB every year until maybe you think you hit on one.