This super bowl sucks

I just keep thinking,“the lions should be there.”


Me too.


Lions would be up 7-0 by now.


We could have won this bitch! ■■■■ we blew a 17 point lead!

And the commercials are even bad. Stop shoving soccer at me, especially during a football game.

Theres a game on today?

15 minutes of game 30 minutes of ads one quarter 45 minutes

It would be 14-0 by now.

WE would-have scored in the first quarter…49’ers hanging on tight to those 3 points lol.

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Mahomes great Bomb there !!

Campbell should make both coordinators watch this game because they both blew a Lombardi trophy.

LMAO < then KC turns it over on the 5 yard line… :rofl: choke KC !

So boring !!!

Totally impossible to watch this game and not think — Lions could have won the SB THIS YEAR


None of us have known this emotion :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I keep thinking Lions would have won also.

Taylors boyfriend is not happy.

Wheres next yrs super bowl? Perhaps ben and aaron dont like vegas.

Hopefully this game stays boring and the league realizes they need new fresh teams in this game. Some kneecap biting freshness.

We blew a 17 point lead and pissed away a Lombardi

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A few times I was thinking “other punters suck”

Many times I have thought, “ we would be throttling either of these teams right now”