This team is cursed

There’s just no other explanation. If I’m lucky I have 30 years left and my hope is dwindling that I’ll ever be able to see more than this clown show.


Until the Fords sell.


I mean a 66 yarder hitting the post and bouncing up and in. Only the Lions ha ha ha, helps our draft position.


The curse of rushing 3 on 4th and forever


Did they not think of having a guy back there on the FG? Get someone who can dunk back there just in case?

I mean, Agnew returned a missed 68 yarder 109 for a TD just within minutes of the record doink…


I wonder if that’s legal……to have a guy back there to jump up and bat away low kicks like that. :thinking::joy:

Ya think?
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Yes I was surprised we didn’t have someone.

Only the Lions can lose like that. All I know is we need to play the young guys on D they played a hell of a game today.

The curse should be investigated for sure! lol

I used to get angry when the Lions blew games, now I just laugh. I’m sure my life expectancy is going to increase with the new strategy.


interesting, I hadn’t thought about that. Apparently neither did Campbell.

Calvin definitely could have gotten the height to block a kick like that. I wonder if we even have someone athletic enough to get up there like that on the team right now.

I’m busy getting my ass kicked at work. Did the defense look faster without flowers and Collins?

If it did we definitely need to trade flowers. I don’t care about the cap hit. Get something for him.

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I wish someone would put together a YouTube compilation of all the strange ways the lions have lost games over the years.

The Titans game is my most memorable. We hit two Hail Mary passes and raiola snaps the ball on 4th and 1 in overtime on the 19.


Yes, D looked tons better without those two slugs out there…but the secondary is still a dumpster fire for the most part. But Price and Parker both made some really good plays and showed some flashes, def potential there with those two imo, so thats nice to see.

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Goaltending is not allowed. I don’t like it, but it’s in the rule book.

I’m excited about the potential of price. From what I’ve read he has all the athletic abilities in the world to become a good corner. He’s just really raw.

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That is a pretty amazing, damning tweet, isn’t it?

Just let her words sink in a moment. A team reporter exposes the depths of lionization.

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Ouch! Hahaha!
Yes it’s real.

Why? If they miss Lions win.
Our luck we would have a guy get the ball and fumble during the return with no time on the clock and the Ravens pick up the live ball and return it for a TD. And we find one more way to lose.