This team reminds me of the 1994 Wings…

I used to be a rabid Red Wings fan. I don’t think I missed a single game from 1994 until 2008 when I moved then stopped paying for the sports package

This team reminds me of that team. In 1994 they looked dominant but then ran into the Devils who stymied the Wings offense. The next year in 1995 they ran into the Avalanche who out-toughed the Wings

But what did the Wings do? They didn’t fade away. They didn’t regress. They got stronger. They got tougher. They punched harder. They dug deeper and earned their championships.

This is what Dan was saying all along.

And we are going to get to see it. I already envy my future self leaping in joy shedding tears watching our Lions hoisting the Lombardi. It’s coming my friends


Season 3 Thank You GIF by The Office

Its interesting how when you get the great front office/coach (manager) combo together with good ownership magic starts to happen. The Tigers never won a WS, but they had a great stretch with the same ownership. The Pistons did the same during their run.

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