This week's injury report


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Kinda of a weird take by me, but i feel it could be a lot worse.


So drafted a dude at 12 to trade a rb who never stays healthy who is top 5 in rushing yards. Big f on holmes part. Hated the pick and trade.

To be continued, let’s talk after week 18.


with so many injuries, playing a team, that is suddenly almost entirely healthy coming off of a bye week in their house, this is going to be a difficult win for sure. It won’t surprise me at all if the lions have a down week here


Looks like a Belichick injury list…

That’s obvious by your judgement of a good player 5 weeks into his NFL career.
You might want to refamiliarize yourself with Swifts stats. He has more than half the attempts (76) right now, in Philly, in only 5 games, as his best season in Detroit. Last year in Detroit, he had 99 total attempts for the entire season!
Gibbs has 39 rushing attempts and 14 receptions. Swift has 15 receptions this season…in 5 games, not 4…in his 4th year.
He typically missed more than two games when he was injured.
Then compare the first 4 games of both players. Both had 4.6 ypc. Gibbs is more involved in the passing game.


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Just need to bite more kneecaps


So what happens at LG? Shift Glasgow over or Kayode Awosika?

If Laporta doesn’t play we will still pound DMONT, got St Brown back with R&R

It’s gotta be Jamo time soon. Nows the time to find your spot in the O

Daniels gonna play with Brock in 2TE sets

Maybe use Rodrigo at FB if we need one in that set


Glasgow been playing great on the right side. He’s starting for sure. Just not sure where. How healthy is Big V? That we don’t really know.

Kayade at LG is very possible.

I want to extend Glasgow another year. One of the biggest surprises of the year so far for me.


He was very solid his time here, such a good draft pick late 3. Denver he had down years but looks like everyone does.


True he was solid, but I feel he’s playing better in his 2nd go around with us.


Still doesn’t change my thoughts on drafting a rb at 12. We can spill the BS him and jamo will be average at best. You need starts not average player’s.

Daniels plays FB, too.

You need a complete team that has all the capabilities to carry out your vision…their vision, I should say.
Clearly, you don’t share their vision.

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What vision?

The vision that has us 12-3 in the last 15.


Im talking about gibbs. I see the winning but we aren’t SB contenders yet

I’ve got ur back.

Can we stop blowing Holmes in here?

We kicked a RB with historically amazing metrics to the curb for being a “part time” player.

Levi was hurt a lot in college, so was paschal, Gibbs was a low volume college back who still got hurt. Jamo was clearly hurt in college.

So far branch and Laporta are the only injuries we didn’t see coming

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