Thought this provides some insight as to why teams sign familiar players and why Clowney remains unsigned

On signing familiar free agents
Gettleman drafted James Bradberry. Joe Judge coached Nate Ebner and Cameron Fleming. Fleming also played for Jason Garrett and Marc Colombo. Blake Martinez and Kyler Fackrell played for Patrick Graham with Green Bay. Dion Lewis played for Judge in New England. Austin Johnson played for defensive line coach Sean Spencer at Penn State.

Why did the Giants lean on signing so many players familiar to them? The answer Gettleman gave may also have told us why they have not signed free-agent pass-rusher Jadeveon Clowney.

“For us, a big concern was the medical piece. What happens if you sign a high-dollar guy and he doesn’t pass his physical? Now where are you?,” Gettleman said. “You’ve spent free agency, now the draft and you think you have your team set and you put together what you feel is a good roster and all of a sudden a guy doesn’t pass his physical. You’re rolling the bones a little bit.

“The guys we signed we felt we got good value, and we’re very pleased with the group.”

The same is probably true of draft picks as well.

Sometimes too teams just want to see how the draft plays out before signing a guy . Clowney makes more sense to the Lions if they whiff on Chase Young or another edge guy. Same with the CB from the Titans.

Hey! I thought we alone brought in players our coaches were familiar with and that it was terrible…

9-22-1 isn’t terrible?

People only bring this up when it comes to the Lions because the exPats we keep bringing in aren’t adding to wins.

not if Clowney can’t stay healthy/ playing for us…He’s not as alluring as Young or other DE’s and your going to pay more for Clowney probably that you are if you draft someone.

I think individually when you look at the former Pats, they are LESS of the problem and more the solution. Amendola played great for what he was. Wilson played very well for what he was. Flowers started slow out of the gate coming off an injury, but was doing much better as he went. I think most consider Collins an upgrade. Shelton an upgrade. Harmon an upgrade. We’ll see. This year is make or break. I think we had a lot of bad breaks last year. Ones that likely won’t repeat. Let’s see what we have and trust me if Stafford plays in most of the games and we still shit the bed this year, I’ll be telling everyone to walk the plank too.