Thoughts on little-mentioned Nico Collins?

He seems to be an able WR , but not too much chatter about the kid…thoughts?

I like him. It’s guys like he, E Moore, Rodgers, Marshall that make me completely okay passing on a WR top 10

He ran a 4.41, has a huge catch radius and caught everything thrown at him. What’s not to love?

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There’s a lot of WR’s that I like better that should go in rounds 3-5. Like Josh Palmer and Ihmir Smith-Marsette.

I just don’t see the separation or explosion on tape. Seems like a nice kid but the guys who make it in the league tend to jump out athletically at the FBS level. Though he tested well I don’t see it translating athletically.

Nico is on my radar…Huge catch radius…6’4", 215, 22…PFF Rank 107…Sat out 2020 season. Ran a 4.41 - 40 Pro Day…Excellent time for size & weight, even if you add .1 to his time. Devonta & Collins, inside & outside would be a good tandem long term. Would replace WR Williams or Perriman in 2022. Rated #7 at Early to mid 3rd Round pick likely. Bigger, stronger Golladay. Works for me.


RAS 2021 WR Rankngs:

Collins - #11
Marsette -# 23
Palmer - #31

By Lance Zierlein NFL Analyst
NFL Comparison N’Keal Harry
Outside receiver with excellent size and quality build-up speed to attack the third level. Collins shines with his ability to track the deep ball and land the 50-50 catch. His size, hands and competitive nature give him an advantage on contested catches underneath. He struggles to slip press coverage quickly and has issues ridding himself of coverage unless he’s getting vertical. Despite his frame, his struggles to uncover on intermediate routes could bother teams looking for a three-level target. Collins must improve his route acumen to open his catch windows a little wider, but he has the size, field toughness and ball skills to become a future chain-mover as a WR2.

Possesses quality speed for such a big target.
Vertical build-up helped him average nearly 20 yards per catch in 2019.
Aggressive hand-fighter from the time the ball is snapped.
Powerful drive strides into his routes.
Above-average stacking and tracking on deep throws.
Highly competitive with winning, jump-ball traits.
Intuitive late-separation talent.
Size and body control to widen the catch space.
Unfazed by physical contact through the catch.
Catches what is thrown his way with soft, natural hands.
Consistently plucks the rock away from his frame.
Flashes impressive technique and strength as a run blocker.


Can be a little gradual getting into press release.
Unable to elude and rid himself of a press defender consistently.
Needs work setting up route breaks.
Opponents appear to recognize his intention at the top of the route.
Turns are too rounded, allowing a pathway for cornerbacks.
Forced to wear coverage from start to finish on intermediate routes.
Lacks quickness and route acumen to open desirable windows.
Will need to prove he can work all three levels.

Sources Tell Us

“I would take him in the third (round), but I just couldn’t bite before that. We need someone who can get those intermediate catches and I’m just not convinced he can get enough separation.” – Personnel executive for NFC team

He will probably be a Steeler or Packer via Rd 3.

He seems like a good value in the 3rd. Even if he doesn’t get better at shaking coverage on the intermediate routes, he can work as a deep threat and as a big target in the red zone.


A taller Kenny Golladay with a faster 40 and more explosive Vertical? When it comes to tall, fast, explosive WR’s in the draft, there aren’t many. Nico is one. 3rd/4th round, sure.

I’m going to be honest. Literally all I have heard about Nico Collins in this pre-draft process is him being overrated by Michigan fans. I’m not kidding. Guys saying he’s better than Terrace Marshall and Rondale Moore. It’s mostly not here by the way.

I’m more interested in Simi Fehoko from Stanford. He could be the next Kenny G. Basically the same size and athlete, and will probably be a 3rd or 4th rd pick.

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I agree. I’ve had some Michigan fans try to tell me we should take him round two. Which has soured me a little in the kid.

The kid has put up some highlights and his size and speed make him a mismatch. I do think he has upside and could become a decent pro.

But he not much of a route runner and I like guys who run good routes more so than the big stiff WR’s. Not that they can’t be successful. KG was … and I think Collins likely gets drafted round 3-4.

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