Three Chiefs fans found dead of fentanyl overdose

Just left my NA mtg tonight

A lady who’s been clean for over three years now and recently married is in ICU and basically brain dead due to overdose that the drugs had fentanyl in …. Has three daughters

One of the few things I truly hate…

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Yeah this is from a while ago, I remember the story. These were four friends and I have no idea why but the three decided to just go chill in the backyard and dropped - then froze. The fourth and homeowner never checked on them and they never tried to get back in. Just woke up the next morning like “WTF why are my friends here.” and I believe called the police. So this is a follow-up for “WHY” they died.

Drugs man. Shit will kill you.

I worked for a bail bond company years back, and a mom called me and pleaded to get her son out, but needed hubby’s approval to sign the mortgage paperwork in case he took off. He refused. Told me if he gets out of jail he’d OD. He called back about a week later. So despite his concerns the parents bailed the guy out. And two weeks after that the mom called and asked what to do because she had found her son dead. OD’d. Obviously the parents were released from all liability.

I carried her name in my wallet for about 10 years on a folded up post-it note, so I’d never forget. I eventually threw it out because I’ll never forget. I won’t share the name of the mom but it’s embedded in my brain. I feel partially responsible for that young man’s death because I facilitated his release when he was exactly where he needed to be. One of the reasons I left the business.


yea I dunno, IIRC the homeowner and his wife were REAL sketchy about the whole thing. because I’m sure he probably bought/made the stuff and is probably going to go down for it.

One thing I learned in recovery is we can’t control others.

I also volunteer in the prison through PrisonFellowship. Learned you can literally get drugs there easier than in the streets. If that person wanted to continue using, you weren’t stopping them. You are not to blame in anyway.

Love you brother!


Glad I got that all out of the way, in the '70s. When it was safe and cool. :scream::kissing_smiling_eyes::grin:


Yep, it’s way better than even alcohol and cheaper. Doesn’t get you so out of control, lasts about an hour, unless in edible form, and generally allows you to just chill and be non violent. Reflect on life and relieves anxiety. If people could stick to weed and not go any further the world would be a better place.

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Same for me except for the early aughts. Couldn’t pay me to do something random at a concert now.

If I haven’t paid a sales tax on it, pass.

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I was always too scared to do heavy drugs. Did psychedelics when I was a kid. But I followed the usual psychedelic drug user reformation.

That was great! Weeeee!
That was great! Weeeee!
That was great! Weeeee!
That was great! Weeeee!
OMG. That was f’cking horrible. Never doing that again.

The only drug class that has the recovery sponsors built into the drug use experience.


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I get it, but you need to let that shit go, bro.

Thats on that guy, then mom, then dad in that order of decreasing stupidity. There is no way you facilitated that or could have any control. I get your heart in feeling that way, solid dude heart…but that same heart will jam itself up with bullshit from time to time. Not saying dont remember or use it, but guilt? F that S man, that’s not yours.


So I was offered coke a couple of times in my youth. Tried it and luckily didn’t really feel anything. Never paid for it.

But I did do acid maybe 8 to 10 times, decades ago. Had a blast and it was cheap. The last time I did it though was rough. I had a few friends over to watch Holyfield vs Foreman on PPV. At some point Uncle Sid came over. After the fight we were still hanging out and I started tripping and having wierd thoughts. I had to resist, and I mean really resist, the urge to shoot my friends with my shotgun. They hadn’t done anything and I wasn’t mad at them. I just had thoughts of shooting them. Completely out of character for me. I’m usually pretty chill. I didn’t say anything to them but went out to my driveway and paced up and down for maybe 30 minutes while I fought this urge. Finally and luckily it disappeared and shortly afterward they all left. I vowed to never take anything harsher than alcohol or weed since that day and have stuck to it. With the exception of Vicodin or similar when I could get it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Just craziness. Can’t imagine my life if I would have listened to the voices. Who knows maybe I find this forum and would’ve used my prison number for my handl instead of Lionpile. A while later I told one of those guys about it and he got a little freaked out. As he should. Uncle Sid is not your friend.

Thats scary! My roomie sold acid hits out of our dorm room, but I was out on that stuff…

Im shocked I was in one piece physically and mentally after Freshman year…

Drug den dorm room

Blew up University property/infrastructure

Stole most of the waiting room decor of the hospital ER while same roommate was having seizures (shockingly not from drugs, but from 4 hours of building a theater set diorama with liquid cement in an unventilated corner of our dorm room.

Passenger in car w driver high AF blowing a red light in Ann Arbor and missed getting tboned by a Trailways bus by a fraction of a second or so

Passenger in a car where we started with a case of Molson and ended by spinning out on a bridge 50’ over the Grand River, hitting both sides guardrails.


Saving my gay suitemate from getting destroyed by two huge football players when they tried to steal our keg and he went bazonkers in their face. Saved the keg too. Told dudes they could drink free at our parties rest of year…

Lit dorm bathroom on fire by using an electric shaver cord we stripped and tied the leads around a cigarette because we were too lazy/drunk to go find someone down the hall w a lighter…

God watches over stupid fools, but he spins the Wheel of Fortune for how many times he’ll do it beforehand.


opioid naive patient… had fentanyl 50mcg/hr patch orderedd.

I intervened… informing the prescriber that it is dangerous to start a fentanyl patch of any strength on opioid naive patient.
Eventually convinced the prescriber into the lowest dose (12mcg/hr) … but even the 75% dose reduction resulted in him experiencing excessive drowsiness and constipation a few days later at home… and he was re-admitted due to it.

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Perhaps I’m just ignorant here… but Fentanyl being prescribed in hospitals is blowing my mind right now. WTF?

And good on ya @Phunnypharm for trying to stop it.

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Fentanyl has been around since the early 60’s. Developed and approved by the FDA for pain management as well as anesthesia

But like guns and cars humanity screws it up and twisted it from its originaly designed purpose

It’s now illegally made at strength never anticipated by FDA….

Just touching it is enough to cause up to death


So the stuff being prescribed in medical settings is less potent then and won’t kill people?

One of my best friends died in 2006 from heroin mixed with fentanyl. He was a great dude. Guitarist in my band. Would give you the shirt off his back. He was clean for years and that itch came back and he couldn’t let it go. I think of him everyday. There was a big write up in the Detroit News or Free Press about him. This is when dealers started putting fentanyl in with coke and heroin. Being in recovery myself and a former addict I speak out every chance I get about the devastation of addiction and drug use. One time is all it takes. The best way to keep one safe is to not do drugs. Growing up, the crowd I ran with and being a musician for a long time I just fell into things and thought I couldn’t get out. There is ALWAYS a way out. It’s that first step that’s scary but trust me living clean and sober is well worth it.


It’s can still cause overdoses and death, but it’s supposed to be properly given is doses that don’t cause negative reactions. Like any pain killer or anything actually in life; excess is always bad….

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Wild. Sounds like Russian roulette to me.


Yes sir! And when someone relapses, it’s alway worse than when they started into recovery.

I literally open up about my recovery when I do my into as a MSF instructor/rider coach. Almost every class has a self-IDd addict in it….

Hell, in a good way thought, we have 14 yr old HS freshmen in our NA mtg…. Sad it’s all the way into elementary school but it give hope that some young teen are seeing the truth in it and parents are doing the right thing allowing them into recovery