Three of the remaining four GM candidates have direct ties to HC candidate Dan Campbell

I feel like this is a massive disaster waiting to happen.

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On a positive note, it only took Campbell 12 games to win as many games in a season than Patricia did


We can’t know that. Sure he can sometimes sounds like the cliche’ of a football coach, but so can Vrabel, Tomlin, Parcells, Payton, etc…, and they’ve done alright over the years.


The only thing I don’t like about Campbell so far is that he doesn’t have previous HC experience beyond serving as Miami’s interim HC back in 2015.

I like his resume. I like that Sean Payton thinks so highly of him. I like that he’s an ex-player. I like that he played for the Detroit Lions for a while during his career. I like that he has experience working with a successful organization as an assistant HC to one of the best coaches in the league (imo).

Maybe I need to do a deeper dive, but he’s one of the coaching options I’d actually be pretty excited about.


I’m warming up to Saleh a bit (thanks to you guys), but I prefer the serious candidates in the order listed above at this point as a fan.

it was 2015 based on what I have seen

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Fixed - Thanks for the correction. That’s what I get for trying to use my memory rather than google lol.

I feel like the more technology I use the more useless my brain becomes.

Simple math problem? Pulls out calculator on phone to confirm.

Trying to remember a fact? Needs google to confirm.

I can’t tell if I’m getting dumber because I’m getting older, or because of my reliance on technology. Am I the only one?

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While I’m not as excited about Campbell as some of the other candidates, TBH, I’m not ready to be too choosy after the trauma of Matt Patricia.

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That’s a little bit like John Bobbitt just looking for a girlfriend who isn’t quite so handy with a blade. You’d hope there are higher standards than that.

Let me just say, that team is 100% Sean Payton’s. It’s HIS vision. HIS ideas. HIS identity. I don’t want anyone from there. No GM, no assistant, no HC.

When there is a candidate (Dodds) that has legitimately teamed up with the GM and coaches to form an identity and shared vision, I can’t help but want ~that~ guy. I don’t want anyone standing in Payton’s shadow. His presence looms too large in my opinion. There’s just going to be too many people that default to him for direction and that don’t contribute to a shared vision.

I could be wrong, but that’s where I’m at. That could be 100% wrong-minded, so take it for what it’s worth. I’d just rather grab someone that I feel has truly collaborated on building their team.


I guess my point is, a GM’s comfort level with a coach he can work with is more important than my initial impressions and hot-takes are.

I like that he was here for 0-16. He knows.


One positive thing about Campbell is he did a very good job when taking over in Miami as interim head coach. The team played very hard for him and he seemed to be a good motivator, which is a very important skill many head coaches suck at. He won 5 games as interim coach and the players all had his back and wanted him brought back as Head Coach. The team improved quickly and drastically when Campbell took over from where Philbin had lead them.

He also played in the nfl for 10 years, which gets him immediate respect from players and will really help him to relate to what players are going through on a day to day basis.

Being assistant head coach under Sean Peyton for 6 years should have lead to much more growth and development as a coach.

I’m intrigued by Campbell at least. Not the safe hire Marvin Lewis would be. But, both of them have the same amount of playoff wins.


I said it earlier and I’ll say it again, having played in the league is an overrated quality for a coach. None of Shanahan, McVay, Reid, Belichick, LaFleur, Zimmer, Gruden, McDermott, Tomlin, Stefanski, Harbaugh, Carroll, Arians, ever played in the league, and Payton only played as a replacement player in the strike season. Of the ‘good’ coaches in the league, only Vrabel, Rivera and Reich ever played in it.

Respect comes from the man, not his background.


Fair enough about the hot take aspect.

On the flip side, though, it’s also fair to have significant reservations about a guy with no play-calling experience or other tangible accomplishments that translate to building a functional football team. Amped-up motivator is super low on the list of what it takes for a head coach to be successful.

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I don’t have strong feelings about Campbell one way or the other, though I’m less concerned with hiring a first-time HC (or basically a first-time HC) than I am with hiring an inexperienced GM. Plenty of first-time coaches have done great things recently, even in situations where they took over pretty crap teams.

For GM though, I am NOT interested in giving the job, for the millionth time in a row, to somebody who’s never done it before. This organization desperately needs an experienced hand at the top.


Those are some former players that have been great head coaches, although a small sample size. Dare I add Harbaugh and Pederson to the list, both former QB’s lead a team to the super bowl as head coachl! And don’t forget about Ditka, he won the super bowl! haha

Point is some ex players have done very well coaching.

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That’s my concern–pairing campbell with Holmes. Two guys with almost zero experience doing it themselves.

I saw this before in this organization . No thank you.


Well we wont have to wonder how long it will take Dan Campbell to get lionized. He has already been lionized. So he has that going for him i guess.

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Some have, yes, which is why I included them. But strictly by the numbers you’re far better off looking for one who hasn’t played in the league. Now I would never rule out a potential coach for having played in the league, that would be asinine, I just don’t think it should be a checkmark in his list of pros. Again, judge the man, not his background.

I respect your opinion. But, I would argue that a man’s background is what makes him who he is as a man.

I am not a big fan of Campbell as the HC either.

Dodds does seem intriguing to me since the Colts have traded down in the draft many times in recent years, drafted talented players, and managed the cap well.

However… I have seen some posts here giving Frank Reich the credit for Carson Wentz’ success and Philly’s Super Bowl win… and Dodds has worked with Chris Ballard in Indy (who has John Dorsey and Andy Reid ties from KC)… BUT… I have also seen posts questioning the capabilities of Doug Peterson and Eric Bienemy vecause they were OCs under Andy Reid who never called plays… so … what a tangled web is weaved.

I was hopefull Quinn had learned from Belichick in regards to trading down in the draft and accumulating more draft picks… but he traded up more often than trading down.

Hopefully… theory about draft trades was a question that was asked in interviews, because the Lions have always failed to maximize picks. The Colts have a good, young core because Ballard has traded down multie times and acquired quality picks in rounds 2 and 3… and then picked good players. Not sure how much credit Dodds gets for that… but hopefully he took note.