Thursday Injury Report - vs Packers

The report says Hand did not practice, but the beat-writers said he did, but only in the 20 minutes or so they were allowed to watch. So, perhaps any optimism about him playing on MNF might be a bit overdone.

I’ll just come out and say it: I got no idea who’s going to play on Monday night and who isn’t.

Packers injury list—rather long.

Davante Adams didn’t sound optimistic about playing Monday night against the Lions. The Packers don’t want him to aggravate his turf toe and jeopardize the rest of the season. “It doesn’t feel how I want it to feel at the moment,” Adams said.

Rob Demovsky, ESPN Staff Writer2h ago


Didn’t Hand practice fully yesterday? Some beat writers were guessing they were giving him a day off and taking it easy just in case…sure hope that is the case and it’s not a reaggravation of his elbow injury. We need him fully healthy and on the line, think it will make a huge difference.

Not surprising. Turf toe is no joke. When your job relies on being able to run and cut, Adams may miss a few more beyond MNF.

Hand did practice fully yesterday, and got today off. Maybe they wanna brig that elbow along kinda slowly. We’ll what he does on Friday and Saturday. And the rest of them too.

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That should make it an interesting game for Rodgers and the passing game. Erin always makes me nervous. I think we win…BUT…I would feel so much better if our run defense of the final 12 games last year was the run defense was happening right now this year…


Yeah, I thought the Lions’ run D would be really good this year but it ain’t even close to what it was. The DL guys have not showed up yet this year, and I’m not sure Jarrad Davis has either. Time to earn your paychecks, fellas.

It’s worth mentioning that Davante Adams is not looking good to play for them, so that’s a plus. And if we get at least Slay back then our secondary could be tough for Rodgers to find somebody. I look for him to do a lot of running, so it’s gonna be a containment issue AND a spy to make sure he does’t get much. JRM could have a big impact on MNF.

The other side of the coin is our run offense, can they be effective on the ground? Stafford is pretty good at play action, so if Amendola and Hockenson are out there like I think they will be then I can see the Lions having some success mixing it up and moving the ball and keep Rodgers on the sidelines.

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Something isn’t right with the Devante Adams updates. Either he didn’t suffer what he was diagnosed with, a young coach is about to rush back a player who isn’t ready, or they are just playing up the Devante Adams “question” to be sure we have one more thing to gameplan against while they know damn well he isn’t going to play.

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The packers injury list is long but everyone on it will likely play except Adams and Savage. Those are the two that could have the biggest impact on the game.

Personally I think the Lions are more banged up than the Packers.

I agree, brother. I think they’ll get better. Hand & Bryant (obviously non-factors), Snacks missing part of camp, Flowers coming off of surgery, Daniels may not be healthy all season. They’ll get better, as they get more fit, more healthy, and gel more.

Cold be JRM or Davis as a spy. I don’t foresee the contain issue. We contained Murray, Mahommes, and Wentz. 2 of those guys are more mobile than Rodgers, and the other one is probably on par. I don’t see A-Rod getting outside more than once or twice, if that. We’ve been keeping contain really well, this year.

Well Mahomes did fairly well running on us. He just ran it up the middle for a crucial 8+ yrds to help seal their win. We left the middle of the field wide open for him.

Mahomes ran 6 times for 54 yrds.
Wentz ran 4 times for 32 yrds.
Rivers ran once for 12 yrds.
Murray was 3 for 13 yrds.

Personally I think we’ve been daring QB’s to run on us. We haven’t been spying them much and I wonder if we will this game. I expect Rogers to have some success running on us.

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That’s my question too. I agree w/everything you said. I think the risk is bigger running against us now too, especially at his age. He’ snot Mahomes. He’s closer to Wentz, in terms of athleticism. GB WRs are not = KC WRs. We may see a spy situation. May bring some heat too. Going to be fun to watch.

I saw Davis used as a spy against KC. I want no part of that experiment again.

If we can just hurry Rodgers a little bit, I think that will do the job. He doesn’t like to take sacks or gamble with tight throws. He has a tendency to throw the ball away a lot when he gets hurried. Man coverage and an occasional blitz from Kennard and go from there.

But the issues against Mahomes running game when Davis wasn’t a spy. Mahomes big runs generally occurred when both Davis and Jones were bracketing Kelce.

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I’d be down for it. Most of Mahommes big run plays, there was no spy on him.
Rodgers isn’t Mahommes, in terms of mobility.

They’ll most likely mix it up and throw a lot of looks at him.

Agree with all of this.

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^^ Excellent. As long as Davis and company don’t let Jimmy Graham go off for 300 receiving yards, we should for sure be in this game till the end. Starting to think we should win, in fact. Adams is their #1 threat outside of Rodgers himself.

Here’s another articles and Adams. Doesn’t sound like he’s in a hurry to get back.

The Packer’s HC said Adams was day-to-day, but that ain’t what I’m reading here. Sounds more like week-to-week to me, or maybe I just don’t know what day-to-day really means. It don’t sound like Adams is going to play against us, but I have no doubt that Patricia will have that covered either way. We’ll know for sure on Saturday when the game designations come out for the MNF game.

Big break for us if he’s out, it frees up the defense to get after Rodgers with various blitzes. I don’t think he’s quite as nimble as he once was. Still pretty good though.