Thursday Injury Report

WR Marvin Jones (knee) - No practice
DT A’Shawn Robinson (ankle) - No practice
TE Michael Roberts (shoulder) - No practice
DE Ezekiel Ansah (shoulder) - Limited
DT Damon Harrison Sr. (shoulder) - Limited
LB Eli Harold (shoulder) - Limited
LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin (neck) - Limited
CB Darius Slay (knee) - Limited
TE Luke Willson (shoulder) - Limited

Same as Wednesday’s, I believe. I’d just as soon have as many of these guys skip the Panthers game as necessary to be in better shape against the Bears on Thursday, cuz I haven’t like the Bears since forever.


IOW, Marvin Jones, Willson, and half of the defense …


Thank you for posting either way, Wise!

My cynical take on the rest of the season, as the team gets worse and worse, players will be more likely to sit out with an injury than play with pain.

I look at the db’s that had to be separated by teammates last week. These guys are getting frustrated with their own play. That tells me they’re not as checked out as people accuse them of. Outmatched these last 3 weeks for sure, but not checked out. So, we’ll see. I think that the long vision Patricia has maintained might go to help in this regard. They’re building toward something, always, even if it’s not this season. Sometimes that’s all it takes… it to have an answer to “why bother” when it creeps in during tough times.

Ziggy-limited. You can say that again.

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Just put him on the IR already … UGH!