Ticket Prices are Insane

From the Detroit News:

According to the latest data from Ticket IQ, a secondary-market seller, the average ticket price for Lions-Rams is $1,259, and the get-in price is $527. No other game this weekend has a get-in price over $230, according to information from Ticket IQ provided late Wednesday afternoon.

Prime seats for the Lions’ game, per Ticket IQ, are going for $16,000 or more, in Section 106 at the 50-yard line.

According to Ticket IQ, the prices are the highest they’ve ever tracked for wild-card weekend in the NFL



30 years

Stafford returning to Detroit

Passionate fanbase


I have first hand evidence that isn’t true. Or anything close to it. Ya’ll know how to reach me.

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Thats not far off from Allegiant’s regular season prices, honestly.

Not that it’s worth it, but still.

I guess I’ll quit bitching about VGK’s lowest prices being ~$90.

Are you the one who knocks?

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Would love to go…

But flights… hotel… tickets… food…booze. Etc

I’m talking 10 G’s easy for 4 people.

That’s ■■■■■■■ crazy to watch dudes in spandex


Ill bite on this and say what I spent. 15th row, section 107, 2 tickets cost me a total of 4K Canadian like 2 weeks ago. If I got 16K a ticket or anything close, I would sell them and watch from home. Thats insanity



If you have the money (and time/freedom) to drop $3K plus cost of getting there on the two (?) of you then why does the $28k in profit even matter. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Uh, what?

I take 28k in profit every day. Hopefully it’s not once in a lifetime


Okay. I mean this game is 30 years in the making. It is by definition likely once in a lifetime for us.

My point is that if you can drop 5k on a two day trip you are doing rather well for yourself OR you’ve made some serious sacrifices to manifest this trip why would you sacrifice it for profits (as obscene as they may be). 30k isn’t life changing money.

Hungry fans in Detroit.

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At the same token…… I was offered 3 Tix in section 138 row 7…. 500 each this morning.

My wife invited 2 great couples over for wine and filets…. I had already reached out to Nate on his hookup…as a gentlemen he replied promptly…. Wifey- seemed sad that I wanted to ditch and spend 3K to run downtown.

I already made my choice when I had the offer for 3 really well priced tix. I decided not to “in-invite” the peeps and stay the course.

I had a watch party for the Natty and it worked out.

Spend money as you wish. I’d rather watch Lions on 120” and go to Capri in person than go to Ford Field in person and look at Capri online. Choices?

Not surprised. This is the NFL. Teams winning take advice of the situation.

Hey, people have to eat, ya know…

I’m a big Lions fan, but also a big fan of 30K, maybe I use that money to watch them in the superbowl lol.


I like money too. The expense is part of the reason I’m not going in the first place. But if I’m pot committed to an experience like that I don’t think I’d trade it for a Hyundai or three Ritz Carlton week long vacations or whatever.

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Tickets arent really selling for that much, highest i could find even in 106 was like 9K Canadian. Still ridiculous. Im sure 30K isnt happening, but I could turn that into 100K in ten years and that would be a nice chunk of change for my kids education. Also I could always downgrade and buy some nosebleeds for a lot cheaper. Would still be fun.

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I would absolutely love to go with my son, but it’s just too pricey.

We used up our “Lions Fund” for the Ravens game. Ugh :expressionless:.

Sadly, always have things around the house/family with $$$ earmarked for.

For those going, soak it all in and have a blast! We’ve all earned this great opportunity.

I wanna hear a roaring crowd on my TV set. GO Lions!


I don’t have that degree of sophistication when I go on my sports trips. I don’t check resale markets and try and determine where I’m going. I buy them, I get excited and I go.

My seat for the game cost about $1600.

But I also had the same seat for 8 other games as well. :rofl: