Tickets for game tonight?

Question, are these prices legit? Last week there wasnt any this cheap, not even close…

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions Tickets Sep 28, 2023 Green Bay, WI | Ticketmaster

If I had to guess, people are lowering the prices to get rid of them, or just realized they can’t go? But it’s on ticketmaster, so … yeah?

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Tickets have an additional $35 in service fees, but still cheap for an NFL ticket, especially the Packers.

I just asked Jon about this. He said people are unloading their tickets after they found out Cabinda isn’t playing.


damn, might be time to jump on them!!!

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In Wisconsin they are saying, this season the price of Packers tickets are the lowest they’ve been in decades

Cabinda is out!? We’re ■■■■■■

Will Harris better be playing, or else!

always happens - the best time to get tickets is right before the game, plus thursday night means more complications for most people.

If Cabinda is out, no point in watching. I was really looking forward to his one carry for zero yards and one target with no receptions due to a wide open drop.

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Here is something I have never had the balls to try, but…

…the best time to get tickets is after kickoff. Hang out around the stadium and the scalpers are trying to unload product for whatever they can get.

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