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Appears Parker Meadows has MLB defense and AAA bat, which may be generous. I’m curious if Baddoo is lower on the new staffs’ list of potential MLB replacements.

Looks like Perez is the replacement in CF and you wonder if this would have happened over the weekend if Perez wasn’t fighting a bug of some sort.

Ryan Vilade, a right-handed hitter who plays outfield and infield, is expected to be called up from Triple-A Toledo to replace Meadows, according to a source.

The 25-year-old, a former top prospect with the Colorado Rockies, hit .333 with three home runs, eight walks and 24 strikeouts across 27 games for the Mud Hens, stealing eight bases in nine attempts.

Getting the ball in the air has been the missing piece to Vilade’s above-average power potential for several years in the upper levels of the minor leagues. In Toledo, Vilade cut down on ground balls, thus increasing his fly ball rate, while maintaining consistent hard contact.

One more comment on Vilade, appears to be another Hinch special and this may be why he is up over Baddoo. Position versatility, if he shows any sign of life with the bat, then perhaps Tork goes down when Gio comes off the DL and Vilade goes to first.

For the Mud Hens, Vilade logged 60 innings in center field, 33 innings at third base, 28 innings at second base, 24⅔ innings in right field, 11 innings in left field and seven innings at first base.

Vilade isn’t a member of the 40-man roster, so the Tigers need to create room and select his contract. Right-hander Sawyer Gipson-Long, who recently underwent Tommy John surgery, could be transferred to the 60-day injured list to open a spot.

Baez is one dumb son of a bitch.

Maeda to the DL, will miss two starts.

Tigers have also called up Baddoo to take Maeda’s spot, so another move coming soon.
Plus Gia is close to returning, think he has played three games with Toledo.


Some day I hope we can add HOF Lou Whitaker celebrates his birthday!


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Henning: Tigers will have farm options as the Javier Báez era worsens

Báez’s numbers are both hideous and sometimes overlooked:

He arrived for Sunday’s game at Comerica Park with a .170 batting average. As bad, or worse, his on-base percentage was .207, his “slugging” percentage was .232. That computes to an OPS of .439 — 300 points, at least, beneath what the Tigers should have expected from a man who in 2021 was handed a six-year contract worth $140 million.

Báez’s WAR number for 2024 — is a negative 0.5. It means a guy you can find pretty much anywhere on the market would be an actual improvement over Báez, as if that comes as a shock.

This can’t, and won’t, continue. Not past this season, if it lasts even through September.

His defense, alone, cannot sustain this brand of giveaway in manager AJ Hinch’s lineup — not when it is part of a pattern established during the past three years and is all but certain to continue.

Ryan Kreidler is healing from a fractured finger and should within weeks be back playing shortstop at Triple-A Toledo. Kreidler has the defense to take regular big-league shifts at short and has a bat that, however challenged in Detroit, would exceed anything Báez is offering. Kreidler should have made the team out of spring camp, but was unseated [when the Tigers signed Gio Urshela]

Eddys Leonard, who is in oblique-muscle recovery, is another hitting option at Toledo but lacks the range and defense Hinch and the Tigers would demand in Detroit. Same story with Andrew Navigato,

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One more Baez replacement candidate, durrently in AA so it would be a big jump to Detroit.

Next in line is the farm’s big 2024 event: Gage Workman at Double-A Erie. And pay close attention to what is happening here.

Workman, 24, was a fourth-round pick by the Tigers in 2020 after he played third base at Arizona State, across the diamond from Sun Devils first baseman Spencer Torkelson.

It was thought, by scouts even outside Detroit, that Workman could easily play an excellent big-league shortstop — if his abundant athleticism followed suit.

That has been the case.

Workman’s arm, hands, and range are all above-average. He has made a few errors this spring, but those have been written off by seasoned eyes as quirky miscues. Workman is an excellent defender.

What has changed, and has suddenly launched him into the picture in Detroit, is his once-ballyhooed bat.

Workman looked last year to be perhaps on his way out of baseball as strikeouts reached the 40% range and sabotaged the power a man 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds naturally could bring.

So, he went to work on a couple of heavy changes:

Workman stopped fiddling around as a switch-hitter. He went with his natural left-handed swing, exclusively. Big, big moment there in turning around a very good overall baseball player.

He did some work also with his left-handed attack (dropping a leg-kick, adding a toe-tap) and that has helped in producing these heavy numbers that were on display ahead of Sunday’s game at Erie: .293 batting average, a whopping .394 on-base average, with a .522 slugging percentage factoring in a gaudy .916 OPS.

Workman had four homers, seven doubles, and a triple in his 26 games. Most dramatically, his strikeout rate had dropped to 22.9%, with walks at 13.8%.

The analytics crowd could see also a wRC+ of 159 and an ISO of .228.

Those are sky-high numbers not to be considered in any way hollow or illusory.

They have failed to draft, or sign internationally, a shortstop who would have precluded the Báez bomb. Willy Adames could have and should have been that man, but he was dispensed in 2014 as part of the trade package that brought David Price to Detroit.

The Rays knew what they were getting in Adames. The Tigers figured they’d deal with shortstop in time.

Ten years later, they’re dealing with it, all right — in a blunder known as Javier Báez.

Shortstop and catcher offer the Tigers as evidence of how difficult it is to fill the two toughest positions on a big-league roster.

Báez will remind them of this through the next three years, at least as payroll goes.


This is becoming like the fantasy RB management theory…would you rather be a year early or a year late on cutting a guy in a dynasty league…

Except, now it’s months for Javy.

Maybe you cut him, maybe you don’t, but if he plays like Tiger Javy into July, then it is realistic that he may be responsible in a tight race for thr team missing the playoffs.

May or Never

A phantom neck strain or tweaked hammy is probably a good idea. Get him a couple weeks off and send him to AAA on rehab to work on the swing. He still gets all his money regardless.

The Jays have the same problem with Springer. He’s washed up and we owe him 75 mill more through 2026 season. Springer has a .563 OPS and the Jays are still batting him leadoff. Smh

So stupid roster decisions aren’t exclusive to the TIgers, good to know.




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I don’t even know what to say anymore. You can only describe the offensive ineptitude so many different ways.

At this point I would go into full blown small ball mode. Try to scratch out a couple of runs, and give this amazing pitching staff a shot to win.

Maybe trade for a really good hitter. Remember the effect that Pudge had on our lineup when we added him back in the day?


I think you look to trade Flaherty for certain
Then one or two of the young guys go: Mize or Manning and one from the minors. Throw in JHM, Kreidler, Leonard or a reliever.

What that would get you in return I have no idea and defer to @Weaselpuppy as I don’t follow other teams that close anymore.


I’d like to re-sign Flaherty. Before he got hurt I considered him one of the best young pitchers in baseball, and it seems like he’s starting to recapture his stuff.

If they can’t re-sign him then they might as well get what they can.

Flaherty without a deal isnt worth a ton at this point. In July maybe a around #100 prospect, but probably a couple back of your team top 10 list. Flaherty is a better chip for a mlb hitter. Not sure yet about the re-sign…this guy was Zimmerman level hurt…3 years of trash.

Some kind of Manning/Mize, Vest/Lange and JHM/McGonigke/Bigbie or Madden deal is maybe in the Bichette range? Maybe not, but that is a deal you make if you are out this year or borderline at the deadline.

If you are in this year, you deal more guys like Montero and Madden that are close but not part of the run the next 2 years.

Toronto trading Bichette is dubious to begin with.

With Milwaukee getting out hot early, Adames looks less likely to be moved. I like Jazz a lot, a ton, but the Marlins moved him to 2b then CF to cht down the wear and tear as he is a small build guy, not sure he is a SS, where he started. They would have to be in long term tear down to move him. I would ask about Lindor but the Mets probably start w Jobe, and at 30, with $32m a year until 2031…well, Miggy anxiety sets in

SS has to get fixed by summer.

Vierling isn’t a problem but he is a bench guy/injury replacement starter for a coupe weeks. Ibanez same. Maybe Wenceel is the bridge CF to Clark in 26, Meadows probably isn’t. Canha is a 4thOF on a contender.

They need a superstar 3rd or cleanup hitter. Those are in short supply and while they have a lot of young talent, none of it that is available moves the needle as a centerpiece on that kind of deal. Very rarely is a superstar level guy traded for 4 or 5 useful but mid ceiling players and prospects.

Everyone root for Milwaukee to collapse.

I like McGonigle more than Clark and tbh, they are the two I don’t want to get rid of in spit of how far off they are.

As good as this staff seems to be in pitching development maybe you trade more pitching for closer to league ready bats.

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TINSTAAPP for sure. Dombrowski method.

McGonigle over Clark makes me

angry star trek GIF
about Wyatt Langford then