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Do you happen to know how long Jobe is going to be out? Or at least, what the time frame is?

I was kind of hoping he would get called up later in the season to help for a playoff push. That seems less and less likely now.

I have no idea, haven’t seen much if any news on him other than Henning with a simple sentence in his recent minor league article; There is no news or timeline on when Jobe will be returning from the DL.

Henning has commented, since Harris took the reigns, that the Tigers are very tight on any medical information. Basically without DD and Avila in Detroit he no longer has his old connections with all the front office changes.

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And regarding Jobe in Detroit this year I wouldn’t be surprised either way however I kind of doubt it at this point.

Harris isn’t in any rush to move guys up or hasn’t shown that to this point, seems conent to let them grow and hit certain benchmarks that they want to see from players.

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Thanks for the response.

I just found this tidbit on one if the fantasy sites I visit. Most of it is conjecture, but better than nothing.

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Thanks for sharing.
I doubt we see him by end of June and I wonder if he had a setback in his june bullpen session.
There is no doubt that Maeda has fallen off a cliff, for all their pitching development success this one has been a fail to this point. Maeda also signed for two years iirc but they need to do something with him.

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The Phillies just lost Realmuto to knee surgery, and have very little in the way of depth at catcher. It’s very possible that they will look to the trade market to find a reliable option until JT comes back.

Rogers makes a lot of sense for them imo.

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Javy Baez to the IL.

Ryan Kreidler called up.

I’d love to pry Sosa off them. Probably not happening though

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You never know, especially when you are dealing with trader Dave.

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Carpenter update:

The Tigers ranked 20th among the 30 MLB teams with a .684 OPS from Opening Day, on March 28, through Carpenter’s last game, on May 26, but since losing Carpenter to the injured list, the Tigers rank 27th with a .620 OPS.

The Tigers also have a putrid .611 OPS against right-handed pitchers without Carpenter, which isn’t surprising because Carpenter leads the Tigers as one of the best hitters in baseball against right-handed pitchers.

His 1.004 OPS against right-handers ranks seventh among 196 players with at least 140 plate appearances, trailing only Aaron Judge (1.142), Shohei Ohtani (1.089), Kyle Tucker (1.072), Juan Soto (1.037), Rafael Devers (1.020) and Freddie Freeman (1.010).

“I was feeling good,” Carpenter said. “But I feel like I can come back after a rehab stint and do the same thing.”

Carpenter won’t be back in the Tigers’ lineup for a while — possibly not until the end of July — but he remains on track to meet the initial timeline from the doctors.

With Trea Turner coming back, the Phillies want to try converting Sosa to the outfield. Knowing how Dombrowski operates, there could an opportunity here.

Flaherty and Rogers for Sosa?

I know I’m just throwing shit at the wall, but I’m bored, and trying to think if ways we can add a legit SS to this roster.

I wouldn’t give up either guy for so so to be honest as Sosa has proven to be a fringy starter it’s just that he plays shortstop and is hot right now so I’m not sure they are going to want to part with him but I’m not looking to give them a whole lot back for him because I believe they either got him in a cheap trade or as a near minimum contract veteran free agent


Sosa is in yr 2 of 4 arbitration years and makes 1.7m this year, likely.2.5+ next and 4-5m in 26 befor FA in 27, asssuming his.role and production is the same.

I get that they are.probably better suited to see if Kriedler can hit a lick or no. He will probably get a long look this year if they sell.

Javy? Probably still a Tiger in 25, but I cant see how he is beyond that.

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There are a couple of really good high school short stops in the draft, that are projected to go right around our pick. I’m really hoping we get one of them.

It wouldn’t help us right away of course, but at least we would have a legit SS prospect in the system.

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I think there might be one or two legit SS prospects in the system but they are in the lower rungs.