Tigers vs Yankees; May 3-5

Olson pitching tonight,
Top of 5th and it is a 0-0 game.
Tigers with 2 on 1out.

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Hell of an at bat by Keith.
Battled for 10 pitches and then got a bases loaded walk.
1-0 Tigers.


Reese getting the Shelby Miller treatment…

  • Shelby Miller is 4th worst in baseball history for run support per start vs average run support, adjusted for what epoch he has pitched in.

And Foley blows the game. Olson ND, Tigers lose.


Gotta score runs fellas


Luis Arraez just traded from Marlins to Padres…not the bopper we need, but a guy who hit .354 last year would fit somewhere

Riley Greene is turning into a superstar right before our very eyes.


Was just checking out the standings… sure it’s only 35 games into the season but the AL central records are impressive. I sure didn’t see that coming. 4 teams over .500

See what happens when you don’t spend 250mil?
You win April!!

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Twins have won 10 straight. Wow

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Tbh, each team has one part of their club that has overperformed, and its the Tigers that can come the farthest with the part that hasnt.

Gonna be a summer barnburner.

Also, go get Anthony Santander ffs, Harris. Hjerstad was called up a week+ ago and has 5 at bats…with more guys behind him in the minors.

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The Orioles are so loaded I want to curl up and cry. I think my Jays went 3 and 12 against them last year.

Sad Anthony Anderson GIF

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They are actually up to 12 straight wins now.

And their best bat has been out all year.

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Anybody know why Perez got scratched from today’s game?

I dont think there will be a game today. Unfortunately

Judge with a solo shot to short RF
1-0 Yanks

The top of that lineup is unfair.

Also, I feel like little league games could be played in that stadium, and HR’s would be hit.

Makes you miss Old Tiger Stadium, right…

A left handed hitters dream… power alley is what 360? Some stadiums it’s 380 plus. Like 310 down the line. Pull hitters dream.

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Torkelson with the only Tigers hit so far.

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At this point let’s hope the rain comes down in buckets asap to end this one.