Tim Boyle Article: Yikes!

Enjoy you TB lovers!! :crazy_face:

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I can’t believe we couldn’t have anyone else. A 6th rounder could’ve gotten us Gardner Minshew who is one of the best backups in the league.

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Honestly, it’s weird.

12 touchdowns and 26 interceptions in COLLEGE w/no sign that he’s improved appreciably since then and the Lions retain him as their backup?

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Dude must have a killer brain. Like Kellen Moore smart. Future coach.

At least he came into the league as a UDFA…. Imagine if he was a 2rd pick?! :thinking::flushed::crazy_face:


Boyle would have been a prototypical Lions 2nd rounder.
Somewhat shocked he snuck by us in his draft.

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Well no back up QB in the league put less pressure on there starting QB then Tim Boyle. One thing forsure Goff has has little pressure coming off the bench. But if he goes down we don’t win a game.

yeah don’t pick on Timmy Boyle cause the schmartest guyz lyke him. :crazy_face: